Tuesday, 9 August 2016

«Israel» Continues to Save Militants Fighting in Syria!

Once again, “Israel” presents proofs of its aid to wounded Takfiri militants escaping Syria towards the “Israeli” entity.
According to reports, the “Israeli” Occupation Forces [IOF] indicated the arrival of a number of injured militants from the Syrian Quneitra – an area which has been under militant and Takfiri extremist control since last year – which is right across the border form the “Israeli”-annexed Palestinian territories.
The IOF declared their arrival to be a medical emergency with multiple casualties. Dozens of the “Israeli” force’s paramedics and doctors worked under cover of darkness to treat them.
Furthermore, the report added that “Israeli” evacuation helicopters came to the area to evacuate the wounded Syrians.
“We were forced to call in medical teams from the armored corps who happened to be doing drills that day in the Golan to supplement the medical forces of the brigade which is normally responsible for the area, alongside various reserve forces,” explained Micky Almakis from the divisional medical squad.
Thereport further added that the IOF decided to close down its field hospital on the Syrian border in the northern Golan Heights. The “Israeli” military decided that it would instead do emergency treatments in military ambulances while they are on their way to a hospital in the Galilee.
The IOF Northern Command said that the closing of the field hospital was done to increase efficiency, and that the field hospital can be re-opened at any time.
There had so far been 2,500 wounded militants treated in the “Israeli” entity since “Israel” began accepting them on three years ago.
Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team
08-08-2016 | 14:33
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