Wednesday, 24 August 2016

MP. Omar Ousi calls on Syrian Kurds not to bet on U.S. project in region

Head of the Syrian Kurds’ National Initiative MP. Omar Ousi has underscored that the recent dramatic development in Hasaka city serve the enemies of Syria and of Kurds, calling on the Kurds not to bet on the American project in the region.
He also appealed to the Syrian national political leadership not to trust the Turkish President RacepTayyip Erdogan because he is the leader of the Muslim brotherhood.
Speaking to the Damascus-based al-Watan newspaper on Tuesday, the MP unveiled that a Kurdish delegation composed of spokesman of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) Mr. Ridor Khalil and General Commander of the YPG Mr. Siban Hammo plus several leaders from the units and the Asayish accompanied by Russian generals headed to Hmeimimair base on Monday afternoon to  reach sustainable truce.
“We in the Syrian Kurds’ National initiative and I myself have taken part in efforts being exerted to reach a truce. We have contacted with all participating sides, and I think- God willing- that the two sides will reach a sustainable truce to stop bloodshed of comrades in arms,” Mr. Ousi said.
He expressed optimism over reaching a solution to end the conflict in Hasaka city.
“Now, we are going through hard times and it is not a good time to  put the blame on one side or another. We belong to one homeland.. Arabs and Kurds and the other components of the Syrian people ,” the MP added.
He clarified that the Syrian Kurds, mainly the YPG, have offered thousands of martyrs to defend the other Syrian components in the north of Syria.
“America has no agenda for the Syrian Kurds. It is searching for a partner on the ground to control part of the Syrian territories in the north-eastern side of Syria in order to be invested in the international conferences against the Syrian national project and the allies – Russia and Iran-“ Mr. Ousai asserted.
He referred to the Pentagon’s recent remarks about the U.S. readiness to send U.S. jets into Hasaka to protect the American ground forces in al-Shdadi, al-Rmilan and near Hasaka .
Add to that, the MP asserted that Turkey will never change its position in the US-Zionist plan and it is the south-eastern wing of the NATO.
” I appeal to the Syrian leadership not to repeat the previous strategic mistake of openness to Turkey economically, politically and security,” Mr. Ousi said, calling on some Arab and Syrian political analysts not to take part in the media campaign being launched against the Syrian Kurds.
“Arabs, Kurds and Christians will remain one people,” he concluded.
Yesterday, the Syrian TV channel reported that an agreement to halt fighting was reached in the northeastern Hasaka province and it came into effect at 14:00 p.m.
The agreement was reached few days after the Asayish, the military wing of the Kurdistan Workers Party, escalated its provocative actions in Hasaka city, attacking state establishments, stealing oil and cotton, disrupting exams, carrying out abductions, and causing a state of chaos and instability.
The provocations amounted to encircling Hasaka city, shelling it with artillery and tanks and targeting the Syrian Arab Army positions in it, claiming the lives of a number of military personnel and civilians, according to the official news agency (SANA).
The agency added that the Asayish’s persistence in their acts required a suitable retaliation by Syrian Arab Army as it targeted the sources of artillery fire and the groupings of armed elements responsible for these criminal actions.
Less than 10 hours after reaching a truce agreement with the official government parties on Sunday, the Asayish violated the agreement and launched attacks on residential neighborhoods and government establishments in Hasaka.
Basma Qaddour
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