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Russia SITREP Questions and Answers August 16th, by Scott Humor

Russia SITREP Questions and Answers August 16th, by Scott Humor
Via The Saker
August 16, 2016
Just a few recent events here to show how the situation is gradually turning to the favorable for Russia and the Eastern democracies way.
This year Russia is getting a record crop of grains, especially wheat. The price of Russian wheat went up considerably.
Wheat is one of the main items of export of Russia, and  it’s comparable with the sale of oil and natural gas.
Question from our reader:
“Would someone knowledgeable please explain why on the one hand Jordan hosts camps to train “Islamist” terrorists, and on the other hand Russia has just offered to sell Jordan state of the art fighter planes?
In fact, why does Russia engage at all in the filthy business of selling arms to whomever has the money? It seems to me that all pretense to morality on the part of the Russians breaks down here.”
It’s very simple. If Russia doesn’t sell its arms to those countries, the US will sell them.  In a very deeply political sense, the countries who buy arms from you are your allies, or want to become your allies. For Russia, arms being bought in the Middle East, Asia and even Latin America means that Russian military specialists traveling with those arms, means close cooperation with defense ministers and militaries, means setting up maintenance shops, training facilities, and parts manufacturing plants. Psychologically, other armed forces using Russian arms and flying Russian jets feel that Russia is their ally.
That is why NATO specifically prohibits its members from buying weapons from Russia.
Another issue is the maintenance of equipment and building the coordination between all of the armed forces in the Middle East. Russia wants all of them to use its arms, because in the near future, Russia wants to assemble a unified defense alliance for the Middle East.

Great economic news: In the 2nd Q of 2016 the GDP contracted 0.8%. In the third Q Russia’s GDP is expected to grow 0.4%.
Keep in mind that traditionally, arms sales and the military industrial complex in general is not included into GDP estimates. Considering that Russia’s military is the biggest employer and the biggest buyer of research and innovation in science, engineering and medicine, a large chunk of Russia’s economy, on that is rapidly growing and expanding, is not even being equated.

Question from our readers: They need to change their approach Lavrov gets all these compliments bug achieves nothing.” “Ukraine could be brought down by economic sanctions and a closed border. Bring in visas. This is the action I would take as they are not a friendly nation. They are intent on destroying Russia and I can’t understand why russia does not act against them. “
I have said it many times before, and I am willing to repeat it again. Ukraine is a part of Russia that was cut off from the mainland as a result of international criminal actions.  The majority of the population of Ukraine ethnic Russians.  People there are suffering enormously under foreign NATO military occupation and the fascist puppet regime.
How does this fascist regime in Ukraine works? The United States, Israel and some members of the European Union placed their citizens as a junta to govern Ukraine. As we all know, those aforementioned nations are known  for their extreme hatred of the Russian people. They hate the local population which is mostly Russian. Those nations subjugated the Russian population with the use of the military force. They use the so called “Ukrainian army,”  which is a foreign legion staffed with the foreign mercenaries, NATO officers and advisers. They use the Right Sector, Azov punitive battalion and other fascist band formations that are paid privately by the Jewish Ukrainian oligarchs and also by the government of the United State.
People in Ukraine live under the constant fear of arrest, torture, and death. Imagine that you’re a teacher and you’ve said something in Russian during your class. Your pupils will write a complaint about you and you will be arrested, tortured, and if you survive you will be in jail for the next 10, 20 years. These are real cases.
The US and Israel occupational authorities of Ukraine have just purchased 40 million unites of vaccine Gardasil. It was tested successfully on daughters of the poor families in the US. Vaccine is administered three times. Each time the reaction to vaccine is worse than previous. Girls feel faint after receiving this vaccine. Some girls have had seizure-like reactions after receiving this vaccine. Common side effects:  severe stomach pain;  swollen glands; easy bruising or bleeding, confusion, unusual weakness; fever, chills, body aches, general ill feeling; chest pain; and feeling short of breath. A Danish study published earlier this year found that 60% of adolescent girls suffer from PoTS, the symptoms being initiated within hours of vaccination. The cluster of symptoms is increasingly being referred to among sufferers as Post-Gardasil Syndrome or PGS.
Another life long side effect, Postural Tachycardia Syndrome (PoTS). This is a life-altering and debilitating condition characterized by orthostatic intolerance (the development of symptoms when upright that are relieved by lying down).
Some researches suggest that the cause of deaths of vaccinated girls are fragments of HPV DNA that this vaccine contains.
Why would the occupational authorities of Ukraine  under a threat of to be expelled from schools administer these vaccine to over 13 million girls? Because, besides the lifelong disability or death, this vaccine causes premature ovary failure and  infertility.
The United State, Israel and some European countries need Ukraine territory without people on it. If all the young girls in Ukraine to be made infertile now, in the next twenty-five years its population will collapse, regardless if Ukraine would still be occupied by the West, or re-unite with Russia.
Yushchenko , an ex-president  of Ukraine: In 2008 70% of Ukrainians wanted re-unification with Russia and Putin as their president
Yushchenko of : In 2008 70% of Ukrainians wanted re-unification with Russia and Putin as their presidenthttps://twitter.com/PolitRussiaRu/status/765170089389879296 
This past spring in a TV show poll, 86% of those who voted answered that they want Putin to be their president.
You ask why Russia wouldn’t just remove the junta and ignore what the United States and the European democracies say.
I suspect, and it’s a pure speculation without any proof, that the US and EU members threaten to destroy the population of Ukraine, if Russia tried to remove junta. The Ukrainian power stations are under the full control of NATO. NATO has built multiple secret bio-chemical labs all around Ukraine and along the border with Russia. It’s very easy for NATO to release something and to murder 10 or 20 million of Russian people in Ukraine in a short period of time.
Russia is able to arrest and remove junta in a few hours. What keeps Russia from doing anything is a threat to annihilate the population of Ukraine. That’s just my opinion, so don’t ask me for links.
A removal of  junta can be easy to accomplish. The problem is what to do with the brainwashed population, many of whom are open Nazis and war criminals, or common criminals. Plus, the country is saturated with the international mercenaries, Western and Israeli spies, with ISIS Islamists, and illegal weapons.
How to cleans the country from all those unwanted elements? There are rumors that the “Northern Wind” has turned into an “Ice Age” at this point.
Population needs to be literally “frozen,” political life needs to be turn into “permafrost” and after that slowly de-programmed.
Russia can’t cut the diplomatic relations despite of all the provocations of the occupying forces, because that would leave forty million of Russian people under the occupation without any representation.  Four million Ukrainian citizens working in Russia and supporting their families would have to come back home. Cutting gas and electricity would only result in junta stealing natural gas directed to Europe.
We have got some new readers and commentators. Let’s welcome them to our community.  However, we all have some de-programming to do, also.
We have got a new commentator here that regularly issues statements like  “Putin ad Lavrov hasn’t accomplished anything.”
The list that these people have accomplished is very long.
What’s relevant for this SITREP is that they have broken the spine of the American hegemony in the Middle East and they are helping the Arab nations to save themselves from a complete annihilation.  Putin , Lavrov and Kadyrov have also provided the Russian Muslims with an important international role.
The way to liberate Ukraine from the Western occupation and to return it back to Russia is hidden in the Middle East and Asia.
However, to break the American spine is much easier than people think.  Against a strong adversary America is all bark and no bite. Those pontificating think tankers with cushy jobs are not going to take up arms and to die for their believes, because they have none. The American military is an armed mercenary formations of very poor whites, minorities and foreigners. They hate each other. The suicide in the US military is up another 30% this year. They look impressive on their pictures, but they are not going to die for Uncle Sam. No, sir!
All Russia has to do is to wait until they all kill themselves and each other.
The tall order that Russia is facing now is to break the hands of Israel that asphyxiates  Ukraine and up until recently held Russia by its throat. It’s very hard, mainly because Israel acts friendly on public, working against Russia on the background.
Israel did its best to turn Ukraine against Russia, and it succeeded mostly because it placed its people to rule the country.  Israel did its best to turn Turkey and Russia against each other. It failed.  I won’t go into details here, but the “Russian speaking” Israelis boasts that they shoot down out fighter jet. They strategically placed in Latakia mountains a news agency that took a famous footage of a fallen jet. They set up the members of the Erdogan’s family to implicate them in international court if needed, which he will never forgive them.
In November and December they had the best of time anticipating a “war of Russia with Turkey.”
See, my Turkey SITREP
Turkish military is one of the most capable and powerful in the world says Yevgeny Satanovsky a Director of the Institute of the Middle East (27:30) Let’s talk about the Turkish military
December 2nd, 2015
“Now is the time when we should calmly talk about the Turkey’s armed forces. Out Institute of the Middle East exists exactly for this sort of purpose. So, we could analyze the reality of the situation, without listening to the hysterical screaming about us “being crazy to start a war with NATO.”
I was absolutely stunned by his smug, brazen chutzpah that Satanovsky was  oozing. I was shocked enough to translate his interview, just so I would have a chance to come back later and to demonstrate for you what they wanted to happen and what has actually happened.
Neither Russia nor Turkey would win, if a war between these nations would take place. Guess who would win?
What President Putin and the Foreign Minister  Sergey Lavrov have achieved?
They restored the political and economic relations with Turkey working on the background.  Turkey was immediately attacked by the NATO members by means of a military coup that failed. The military coup had as its ultimate goal to set up a junta with the dictator who served as a military attaché of Turkey in Israel.   Now, Turks understand who their real friends are. They work to restore relations with other Russia’s allies like China, Syria and Iran. Turks now want to be a part of the growing, prosperous and stable Eurasia.
For Russia it’s easy to deal with the Americans. They are vicious enemies who openly declare that they want “to kill all the Russians.”  It’s very good for the country’s patriotism and morale to have this kind of enemy. The Americans have abused our disabled people who wanted to participate in the Paralympics. One young man who was born without legs says that he had trained for years to come to the Olympics with the hope to win and to get a very expensive surgery that could provide him with the opportunity to walk. Now, it would never be possible. Everyone in Russia has listened to this guy’s story and decided that the Americans are the lowest form of the humanoid slugs.
Many Russians are not concerned with the Americans. They are concerned with Israel. How do you deal with a fake friend who is attacking you in the dark and stabbing you in the back? Sergey Kuzhugetovich Shoygu and his people have showed to all of us how to do it. They showed to the general public that the Israel’s  “Iron Dome,” their “impenetrable defense” is a fiction.
“TEL AVIV, Israel — An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) from Syria managed Sunday to penetrate Israeli airspace and evade two Patriot anti-air interceptors and possibly an F-16-launched air-to-air missile, sources here said.
An Israeli military spokesman insisted Israel Air Force air defenders detected the UAV prior to its violation of Israeli airspace on Sunday afternoon in the area of the Golan Heights. According to a July 17 statement, the Air Force continued to track the target in Israeli skies, yet failed to down the intruder, despite three intercept attempts.
The aircraft was detected prior to entering the nation’s territory and was fully tracked by the Israel Air Force,” noted a July 17 statement. “From the initial investigation, it was found that three intercept attempts took place as per procedure. No hit of the target was identified.”
An Israeli military spokesman said the specific type of UAV is still being investigated, as are circumstances of the unsuccessful intercept attempts.
Tal Inbar of the Fisher Institute for Strategic Air and Space Studies said Sunday’s event demonstrates the fact that Israel cannot hermetically seal its skies from enemy intrusions. “Today’s event was a glimpse of things to come in the event of a major conflict,” Inbar told Defense News.
In future conflicts, it will be a huge challenge for even the most advanced air defenses to discriminate from all the types of vehicles that will fill the skies.
When the skies will be full of incoming rockets, missiles and air breathing threats — and when our own Iron Dome and David’s Sling interceptors will be saturating the skies — it’s hard to imagine the Israel Air Force allocating manned aircraft to shoot down incoming UAVs,” Inbar said.”
A representative of the Russia’s Defense Ministry stated that  new generation of hydrogen powered drones had showed the great results during their testing in Syria. All of them had returned to the base, and now they are back in Russia.

The drone that absolutely accidentally flew into the Israeli airspace was a  new Russian hydrogen powered aircraft,  that due to its engine’s low temperature is  “invisible” as for the infrared guided, and so for the radar guided missiles.
After July 17th, when the Israeli military so spectacularly sat with their naked butt on a Russian hedgehog,  the country’s politicians have somewhat lost their appetite  for other nations’ territories.
Things have started happening very fast.
Jul 28, 2016 – Iranian general inspects the Golan Heights … IRGC Basij chief Mohammad-Reza Naghdi in Quneitra, Syria. Iranian media reported on July 27 that senior military commander Brigadier General Mohammad-Reza Naghdi …
The Syrian army sent hundreds of its reinforcement troops to the Golan Heights, bordering Israel, to prepare for military operations against the terrorist groups.
15 August 2016. The Syrian military released thermal footage of their recent missile strikes over the Al-Quneitra Governorate on Sunday, showing a glimpse of the damage done to the terrorists rebels inside the Golan Heights.
Syria s  thermal footage targeting «jaysh fateh al sham» in the Golan Heights

He wrote about the significant of the Syrian Army operation. He says that the Golan Heights closer to the Israeli’s border are protected by the miles of minefields.  To be able to move around the Golan Heights,ISIS terrorists have to have a map of those minefields. They could get those maps only from the Israeli military intelligence.
However, this is not the most interesting point in all of this. After all, there are plenty of evidence that Israel supports ISIS with weapons, logistics, and medical care.
The most interesting is Israel’s silence about the Syrian Army fighting in the Golan Heights.Silence is an unnatural state for Israel and shows its total bewilderment.
Israel is about to lose its only ally in the Middle East.
“Should the al-Sauds not soon agree to a retreat from the country, to an end to their war and to appropriate financial compensation, the Yemenis will start to take Saudi cities.”
Not just Saudi cities, Matvey says, they will take the oil reach regions. Yemenis havemysterious missilesand their information support is provided by the Chinese news agency Xinhua.
I wish thesaker.is informational support was provided by this agency!
Houthi rebels destroy Saudi Army in Najran

That’s how winning in the Middle East, restoring Syria’s sovereignty, and stabilizing the Middle East, Russia will be able to liberate Ukraine from the NATO occupation.

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