Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Study: Defeating ISIS is bad for Israel

JSIL[1]Since last month both John Kerry and Turkish president Erdogan have been seeking Putin’s cooperation in order to destroy ISIS (aka Islamic state) in Syria and Iraq.

However, a study prepared by Israeli professor Efraim Inbar (Bar-Ilan University), director at Israel-based Zionist advocacy group, Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, released on August 2, 2016 has claimed that such defeat would be a “strategic mistake” for American and Israeli interests in the region.
The continuing existence of IS serves a strategic purpose. Why help the brutal Assad regime win the Syrian civil war? Many radical Islamists in the opposition forces, i.e., Al Nusra and its offshoots, might find other arenas in which to operate closer to Paris and Berlin. Is it in the West’s interests to strengthen the Russian grip on Syria and bolster its influence in the Middle East? Is enhancing Iranian control of Iraq congruent with American objectives in that country? Only the strategic folly that currently prevails in Washington can consider it a positive to enhance the power of the Moscow-Tehran-Damascus axis by cooperating with Russia against IS. Furthermore, Hizbullah – a radical Shiite anti-Western organization subservient to Iran – is being seriously taxed by the fight against IS, a state of affairs that suits Western interests. A Hizbullah no longer involved in the Syrian civil war might engage once again in the taking of western hostages and other terrorist acts in Europe,” wrote the cuuning Zionist Jew. 
The West yearns for stability, and holds out a naive hope that the military defeat of IS will be instrumental in reaching that goal. But stability is not a value in and of itself. It is desirable only if it serves our interests. The defeat of IS would encourage Iranian hegemony in the region, buttress Russia’s role, and prolong Assad’s tyranny. Tehran, Moscow, and Damascus do not share our democratic values and have little inclination to help America and the West. The American administration does not appear capable of recognizing the fact that IS can be a useful tool in undermining Tehran’s ambitious plan for domination of the Middle East,” Inbar added.
On Wednesday during a Florida rally GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump claimed that US president and his former secretary of state Hillary Clinton gave birth to ISIS.
In June 2014, Benjamin Netanyahu had admitted that ISIS is good for Israel.

Tehran, so far, has refuses to cooperate with US against ISIS in Syria or Iraq – and for many good reasons.

In November 2015, Russian president Vladimir Putin claimed that Obama has not bombed a single ISIL target in Syria for three years.

In 2006, Hizbullah succeeded in defeating 30,000 invading Jewish army while facing Lebanese Holocaust.

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