Saturday, 6 August 2016

Syrian Army, Allies Crush Terrorists in Aleppo, Takfiris Trade Accusations

Syrian army and its allies dealt several blows to Takfiri insurgents in Aleppo, as the terrorists trade accusations and blame each others for huge losses inflicted upon them in the battleground.
Lebanese resistance Military Media said that the Syrian army, bolstered by Hezbollah fighters and Russian air force carried out a qualitative operations against Takfiri terrorists in southern and western fronts of Aleppo.Aleppo battle
Syrian and Russian air forces struck a gathering of Jaish al-Fath terrorists in Rahbat Khan Touman in Aleppo’s southern countryside, killing and injuring dozens of Takfiris, according to Military Media which put the initial toll of this strike at 40 killed.
“Jaish al-Fath” along with 21 other Takfiri factions have been trying hard to break the siege imposed by the Syrian army on the insurgents. On Thursday, they launched the fourth stage of military operation aimed at breaking this siege.
“The goal of these terrorist groups is now to regain control of few posts in Aleppo, in a clear signal that they have retreated following the huge losses inflicted upon them,” Military Media reported.
Meanwhile, terrorist factions have been trading accusations with several figures close to terrorists are blaming each others for the huge losses.
Pro-Nusra Front Saudi cleric Abdullah al-Muhaysini lashed out at “Jund al-Aqsa” terrorist organization for not taking part in Aleppo battles.
On the other hand, other pro-Takfiri activists on social media questioned the reason behind participation of Chinese militants within the ranks of Turkistan party. They said  that such move was aimed at pushing the Chinese militants into  ” crematory” in order to get rid of them, Military Media sources reported.
Source: Al Manar TV
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