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“Exclusive to SyrPer” by Canthama
Aleppo: Yesterday, August 23rd, was a very bad day for the terrorists in western Aleppo where,arguably, they suffered one of their toughest defeats in the 5-week battle, both strategically and from the standpoint of fatalities.
Strategically: the terrorists failed to regain lost ground in the Artillery Academy and Air Force Technology College and in the very important hill of ‘Umm al-Qar’.  This hill provides fire control over the Khaan Toomaan-Al-Raamoosa Road so vital for the terrorists to get in and out of Aleppo. For the past 4 days, the Syrian Government forces and allies have managed to hold the ground after consecutive waves of attacks. The combined efforts of Special Forces (Tiger Force and Hezbollah) and outstanding communication with SAAF and RuAF for CAS has proven to be devastating for the terrorists.
Terrorists’ losses: the day was ending when the Syrian forces counted the terrorists’ losses at 200+ KIA with many more wounded, 3 tanks and 1 BMP captured, literally left by the terrorists who desperately fled the onslaught.  2 BMPs and 1 VBIED were destroyed.

Picture by @NatDefFor
Besides, the Western-backed terrorist coalition is collapsing in Western Aleppo. Defections from the 20+ terrorist groups, that made up the core of the battle 5-weeks ago, are mounting. Harsh measures such as executions are on-going in order to hold the remaining rodents together.  It seems that money and lavish promises of an eternity with 72 angels is not enough to keep the rats inside the Aleppo pocket anymore, and, on top of that, many terrorists are joining the advance toward Jaraabulus.  The situation is rapidly deteriorating and a final showdown is getting closer.
The impressive videos below show how the supposedly open corridor has served the purpose so far for the terrorists as a killing ground and shooting gallery for the Syrian Army waiting behind unbreached fortifications.

Videos by @C_Military1
Damascus: The battle for Daarayyaa is rapidly evolving. The besieged terrorists remaining inside this very large city are losing ground at a fast pace. The latest advance by the 4th Mechanized Armored Division aims to cut the terrorists in two which would speed up their defeat. The Syrian Government forces have finally reached the railroad and are right now fighting their way to link up with the army coming from the northern part of the city.
Map credited to @hamza_780
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