Thursday, 4 August 2016

US envoy: My job is to destroy Hizbullah

On May 11, 2011, Elizabeth Holzahll Richard, 65, arrived in Beirut as the new US ambassador to Lebanon. After making a courtesy call on Lebanese foreign minister Jebran Bassil (see photo above), she in a video message informed Lebanese people how she intended to solve country’s economic problems.
Our target is to dismantle Hezbollah’s international financial network and help the Lebanese institutions and the Lebanese people, which will contribute directly to activating the economic prosperity in Lebanon, she said.
One wonder how she expect to achieve that when United States has been arming and funding its Zionist killing machine which has invaded, destroyed, and occupied part of Lebanon on several occasions since the 1970s.
Not long ago, John Bolton, former US ambassador at United Nations had claimed that Hizbullah received $100 million annually from Tehran. Professor Amal Saad-Ghorayeb wrote in 2012 that Hizbullah receives financial help only from Ayatullah Ali Khamenei run charity and not from Iran’s taxpayers’ money.
Hezbollah’s activities in Syria create serious security threats in Lebanon, the ambassador said as she vowed to support the Lebanese army since it is the only legitimate protector of Lebanon.
I’m afraid her foreign hero, Benjamin Netanyahu doesn’t agree with Richard’s claim. Netanyahu said in 2009 that Hezbollah is Lebanon’s real army.
Elizabeth Richard, a close ally of ‘bomb, bomb, bomb Iran’ Sen. John McCain and Zionist Jew John Bolton, replaces ambassador David Hale (2013-15), a ‘Crypto-Jew’, who failed to disarm Hizbullah. She served in US missions in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen before Obama appointed Richard at her new post. I’m sure serving in those Muslim-majority nations, Richard must be horrified to learn how her ‘darling Israel’ is hated by Muslims.
Elizabeth Richard’s husband Christopher John Richard (d. 2015) was a Zionist Catholic, and US foreign office official. The couple married in 1988 in Chicago.
Israeli leaders, and their American political proxies fear Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah more than they fear Syrian president Bashar al-Assad or Islamists ruling Iran.Why?
Because, the Jewish army never faced Iranian military since its very birth in 1948. Syria has not battled with the Jewish army since 1973. On the other hand, the Jewish army received big thrashing from Hizbullah freedom-fighters in years 2000 and 2006. Several Israeli politicians and military leaders have admitted that Israel doesn’t know how to defeat Hizbullah.
Read Sabah Ayyoub’s, a journalist with Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar, commentary on America’s ‘Wonder Woman’, Elizabeth Richard, here.

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