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Clarity in Writing

by  on August 30, 2016

This is a plea for clarity in writing. With lies being pumped into all the ducts of the MSM every day, every minute of the day, the alternative media has a heavy responsibility to cut through the miasma of disinformation and enlighten the readers/viewers.Clarity, directness, and concision are paramount to get the message through, yet many alternative media writers often equivocate, use euphemisms, litotes and disclaimers instead of making straight, unambiguous statements. Perhaps they do so to ensure deniability in case someone accuses them of “bigotry,” or being anti-something.Here is a blatant example of equivocation:

In a recent article, Scott Creighton discusses an interview with Noam Chomsky published by Alternet (the hasbara purveyor of purported Left-ish “news” and “analyses” by other similar (((luminaries))) like Robert Reich and Amy Goodman, and promoter of the odious Southern Poverty Law Center).
Noam Chomsky, nicely coiffed and appropriately flanked by posters of a renowned hasbara delearship, Democracy Now
Noam Chomsky, nicely coiffed and appropriately flanked by posters of a renowned hasbara delearship, Democracy Now
In that interview, Noam Chomsky, the world renowned linguist who formulated the famous quantification of lobby power as AARP > AIPAC, first wraps his shameless lies in his righteous indignation against the Iraq war. We know that script: the Iraq war was the handiwork of “American imperialism” and “corporate interests.” No, no, Israel had no dog in that fight. Kosher butter doesn’t melt in Chomsky’s mouth. Then he spews the usual lies about Syria: Assad is a “tyrant,” “the Assad regime is absolutely monstrous and responsible for a large majority of the atrocities,” and the US administration’s responsibility in this mass slaughter is “hard” to establish.
That is enough to make you sick or, if your temperament so inclines you, to make you rail vehemently against this hasbara dealer. How does Scott Creighton react? Hard to say.  As I noted in a comment I posted on his site, you can tell from the very first two lines of his article that he is “mealy-mouth-hedging-equivocating-talking out of both corners of [his] mouth.”
Come on, Scott! Go for clarity! Out with it! Say what you really think about Chomsky! And say it in plain language that everyone can understand. Maybe even give it a punchy title, something like
Wow. Wanna See Noam Chomsky Lie About Syria and Assad? (shades of his support of the Yugoslavia regime change operation)
by Scott Creighton
Fuck Noam Chomsky. I’m going to go out and buy a Chomsky book so I can piss on it and burn it. Fuck you Noam, you lying piece of shit.
EF: To what extent is the US administration responsible for Syria’s implosion?
NC: It’s hard to say. The Assad regime is absolutely monstrous and responsible for a large majority of the atrocities. IS is another monstrosity. The al-Qaida affiliated al-Nusra Front is not much better than IS, while some of the other major groups are closely linked to it. The Kurdish groups have succeeded in defending their own territory and establishing a more or less decent system within. And then there are various other groups – local militias and parts of the original reform movement and some other more democratic elements. AlterNet
Hard to say? Really? It’s hard to say how much ObamaGod is responsible for the regime change operation taking place in Syria right now? Really? Assad is “monstrous” and bares responsibility for a “large majority” of the atrocities?
Are you stupid?
Every day SANA publishes new stories about those “democratic elements” firing more rockets into civilian population centers killing men, women and children with impunity.
And the Kurds?
Even the fucking Kurds say they are ethnically cleansing the areas they wish to take from the Syrian people for Greater Kurdistan and this cocksucker says they are “defending their own territory”? Who are they defending their territory from?
The ones they let leave Manbij so they could head north to the next town they planned to destabilize and take for themselves?
And is that the “more or less decent system” he’s talking about, the rule of the neoliberal puppet Barzani in Iraqi Kurdistan?
What a piece of shit Noam Chomsky is. No wonder the defense contractor MIT keeps him on the payroll. He’s never met a globalist “humanitarian intervention” regime change operation run by a Democratic president that he didn’t like.
Hey Noam, go fuck yourself.
(sorry about the language folks, but this asshole pisses me off)

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