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[ Ed. note – If we assume, just for the sake of argument, that 9/11 really was carried out by an Islamic terror organization known as Al-Qaeda, it is ironic beyond belief that today, 15 years later on the anniversary of that event, we have a correspondent for a major American TV network referring to Al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria as“heroes.” I wonder–what do the 9/11 families think of Clarissa Ward? Do they watch CNN? What goes through their minds when they hear something like this?
Yes, yes, I know–Al-Nusra changed their name recently, and now supposedly they have ended their affiliation with Al-Qaeda, but does anyone really believe that?
Read Geróid Ó Colmáin’s article below on Ward’s comments before the UN. Then come back and watch the videos below, including the one on the latest ceasefire deal that is scheduled to go into effect Monday.
I hope Vladimir Putin isn’t naive enough to believe that US officials will live up to the terms of the ceasefire or that the terrorists will use it for anything other than an opportunity to rearm. ]
By Geróid Ó Colmáin
In an interview with Charlie Rose on the 10th of August 2016, CNN’s Middle East “super-correspondent”, Clarissa Ward, said that the Al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group, Japhat Al-Nosra (now known as Japhat Fatah Al-Sham) were the only ” heroes” in the mislabeled Syrian Civil War.
Ward told Charlie Rose, ” … even though some of these more extremist factions are not hugely popular with everyone living in rebel-held areas, they are also the people who have unfortunately, Charlie, emerged as the so-called heroes in this narrative because they are the ones who have stepped in to fill the void. So the reality is in rebel-held Syria, these Islamist factions have emerged as an important force. Now if the U.S. was to decide to join with Russia to take out those more extremist factions, that would certainly be extremely unpopular with the Syrian people that the U.S. would purportedly be trying to actually help.”
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Below is Ward’s testimony before the UN, given in August. Here, as in her interview with Charlie Rose, she uses the word “heroes,” though in this case the reference is to “Islamist factions,” rather than to Al-Nusra specifically. It pretty much amounts to the same thing.
The CNN correspondent is essentially calling for a war upon the Syrian government, or at least that’s very much what it sounds like.
  • Does that mean she wants US planes to bomb Damascus?
  • Does she know that civilians live there?
  • How much credibility should we assign to her testimony?
Here is a different perspective on what’s going on in Aleppo.
The surgeon whose death is reported on by Lizzie Phelan was apparently killed by the same people Clarissa Ward refers to as “heroes.” So who do we believe? Lizzie Phelan…or Clarissa Ward? Are both of these women simply relating “the truth as they perceive it”? Or is one of them trying to sell you some beach front property in Arizona? And if the latter, which one is it?
A report on the latest ceasefire deal. The commentator interviewed during the latter part of the video doesn’t believe it will hold. Neither do I.

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