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Putin Blasts Western ‘Democratization’ Saying it Causes Terrorism, Failed States

Putin: “Democratization attempts lead to state system destruction & terrorism”
Russian President Vladimir Putin-by Alexey Filippov-Reuters
Russian President Vladimir Putin © Alexey Filippov / Reuters
(SputnikNews) ~ The Russian President leveled his most fierce blow yet against interventionist foreign policies arguing that productive societal change must begin at the ground level from within rather than being imparted by outside liberators.
President Putin opined in an interview with Bloomberg at the Eastern Economic Forum that events from the last decade and a half show that the budding Western foreign policy theory of humanitarian interventionism, wars of liberation and outside efforts to bolster opposition to autocratic conditions result in fertile breeding grounds for terrorists and destabilize nation-states – with Iraq, Libya and Syria being the most prominent and graphic examples.
“I’ve always been of the opinion that you can’t change things from the outside, regarding political regimes, power change,” Putin explained.
“I’m sure – and the events of the past decade add to this certainty – in particular the attempts at democratization in Iraq, Libya, we see what they led to: the destruction of state systems and the rise of terrorism.”
The Russian President himself has faced challenges from Western foreign policy thinkers who claim to espouse a theory of outside intervention to facilitate a culture of increased democratization – such as Open Society Foundations’ George Soros who had invested heavily in opposition media and entities inside of Russia which many in Moscow see as a thinly veiled effort to destabilize the government.
A similar cascade befell the regime of Viktor Yanukovych, the democratically elected leader of Ukraine, whose regime was ousted by the same “fifth column” forces of disruption that the leaks of George Soros files showed that the Hungarian-born billionaire advocated for and ultimately funded the creation of.
“Do you see any elements of democracy in Libya? Perhaps they will develop one day, hopefully. Or the ongoing civil war in Iraq – what is the future of Iraq in General? These remain big questions,” said Putin in laying out his case.
“The same goes for Syria. Every time we hear that ‘Assad must go’ (because someone from outside believes so), I can’t help but wonder: What is that going to lead to?… Isn’t it better to warm ourselves with patience and promote structural changes in society?”
The idea comes full-force with the regime change efforts in Iraq and Libya with former President George W. Bush calling the military campaign an effort to “liberate the Iraqi people” from the despotism of the violent dictator Saddam Hussein.
A similar motive animated the Obama administration’s push, an effort spearheaded by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to force regime change in Libya so that pro-democratic forces could lead the country – instead it is a failed state controlled by Daesh (ISIS).
Speaking about democracy from the depths of despotism, Putin argued that:
“this won’t happen today or tomorrow, but perhaps therein lies the political wisdom: holding horses and not leaping ahead, but gradually pursuing structural changes, in this case, in the political system of society.”
The Russian President’s argument makes sense even under Western political theology which is based on the notion of the rule of law and freedom of speech with a major precondition of being trust in institutions that are left stable enough to adapt to the needs and demands of the people.

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Putin on the destruction of the Middle East ~ [Must watch ~ Live Interview, June 2013]

The Project for the New American Century (PNAC) was a neo-conservative think tank that operated between 1997 and 2006. It openly advocated for the total global military domination by the United States. PNAC members held the highest-level positions in the George W. Bush administration, including Robert Kagan (husband of Victoria Nuland) , Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, and others.
PNAC is noteworthy for its focus on Iraq, a preoccupation that began before Bush became president and predates the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 (Which begs the question – how authentic was 9/11?).
Some of the members of PNAC, such as Vin Weber, were also government lobbyists for military industrial companies such as Lockheed Martin, and other Fortune 500 companies. The more war, the higher the profits…
In this outtake, Vladimir Putin talks about arming terrorists in one MENA country (Middle Eastern and North African), yet fighting against them in another – “Where is the logic?” – he asks. However, if you look at it from the perspective that the intention was never to rehabilitate, but to destabilise – then it is all very logical indeed.
If it suddenly seems to you that all of this is happening deliberately – that’s because it is. At the end of the clip, I have included the infamous 2007 speech by ex-NATO General Wesley Clark, on the US plan “to take down 7 countries in 5 years.” They may not have met their deadline, but we are now assured that Clark was not making it up.
Mr Clark himself commanded the NATO-led Kosovo War.
(Translation by Inessa Sinchougova1/9/2016)

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