Sunday, 4 September 2016

Turkish Regime Expands Aggression, Sends Tanks, Armored Vehicles to Al-Ra'i Town in Northern Aleppo Countryside

Saturday, 03 September 2016 16:51
ANKARA, (ST)– The Turkish regime continues its aggression on the Syrian territories by sending more tanks and armored vehicles to new areas in northern Aleppo countryside.
According to SANA, the Turkish Anadolu News agency said that “a number of tanks and armored vehicles on Saturday crossed the borders in Kilis province southern Turkey to the Syrian town of al-Ra’i in Aleppo countryside.”
On August 24, Turkey launched a blatant aggression on Syria by shelling the city of Jarablus in northern Aleppo claiming it aimed at fighting “Deash” terrorist organization, whereas the truth is that this aggression aimed at perpetuating Turkey’s presence in Syria and at supporting terrorist takfiri groups to replace Daesh in the area.
The Turkish “Hurriyet” newspaper reported that the Turkish army forces have opened a new front in the neighboring country with tanks and other armored vehicles entering the al-Rai’i town allegedly to fight “Deash”.
Dogan News Agency said that at least 20 tanks, five armored personnel carriers, trucks and other armored vehicles crossed the borders towards Syria.
Several reports affirmed that Erdogan’s regime has close trade relations with “Deash” terrorist organization through tens of deals to buy oil and gas stolen by the terrorists from Syria and Iraq.
The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates has affirmed that fighting terrorism on the Syrian territories by whatever party should be done in coordination with the Syrian government and the Syrian Arab Army. The ministry also stressed that fighting terrorism can’t be done by expelling Deash and replacing it by other Turkish-backed terrorist groups.
Hamda Mustafa
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