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Hariri Surrender: Defeated Hariri Declares Support to General Aoun’s Nomination to Presidency. Thanks to Nasrallah

Once upon a time Hariri, while, leaving Beirut airport, said he will return to Beirut via Damascus Airport. Hariri nomination paved the way for of General Michel Aoun to the presidency, but this nomination is not the end of the presidency story. Victorious Nasrallah is commited to support  General Michel Aoun, but not committed to support what what has Hariri and Aoun agreed upon. In other words, Hariri shall be nominated as Prime Minister, but shall never be able to form a Cabinet without Nasrallah allies  such as Nabih Berri, Frangiye, and others. 

October 20, 2016

«كن عوني.. فأكون سعدك»!

استسلام مكابر

وجوم يخيّم على بيت الوسط: هكذا «تجرّع» الشيخ ترشيح الجنرال

دمشق تُنذر بإسقاط الطائرات التركية التي تخترق أجواءها الحريري يكسر المحرَّمات… وعون لكسر جليد عين التينة

بري: مشكلتي مع الحريري لا مع عون

بري بالنسبة لحزب الله «خط أحمر»

واشنطن والرياض: عقوبات على «حزب الله»

العونيون: ما كنا لنصل لولا حزب الله

فارس سعيد: الحريري وجعجع استسلما لحزب الله

طرابلس تنقلب على الحريري وخياره الرئاسي

Lebanon: Hariri Declares Support to General Aoun’s Nomination to Presidency

Former Prime Minister, Saad Hariri,Former Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, announced on Thursday from the Central House his support to the nomination of General Michel Aoun to the presidency, saying “we agreed with Aoun that Lebanon is a nation for all its sons and a country with an Arab identity.”
“We reached an agreement to revitalize this cycle of the state, job opportunities, and basic services and to fully dissociate the Lebanese state from the Lebanese crisis,” Hariri said during his address at the Central House in the presence of political figures from the Future bloc.
“Lebanon was facing a historic moment that forces us to address all matters with full honesty and truthfulness,” Hariri underscored.
“Two years and a half ago, the mandate of President Michel Sleiman took an end, and Lebanon entered a vacuum; we have been warning of these risks,” Hariri added.
“We did not spare any effort to elect a President. We first nominated Lebanese Forces leader, Samir Geagea, yet this attempt was doomed to failure. Then, we decided to name consensual names but it also failed,” he said.
Source: NNA

Lebanon: Aoun Visits Berri, Hariri

The meetings held between House Speaker Nabih Berri and Change and Reform bloc Head, MP Michel Aoun, ended.
In the wake of the meeting, Aoun said “It is important to inform Speaker Berri of the progress in the presidential dossier. (…) The atmosphere was positive and we respect his opinion,” he said.
Later, media reports mentioned that Speaker Berri commented on his meeting with Aoun by saying, ” we listened to each other and our difference does not spoil our friendly relation.”
Aoun Visits Hariri
MP Michel Aoun, said upon leaving the “Center House” where he met with Future Movement leader Saad Hariri, “There is no double, triple or quadripartite agreement. There is a rather an accord on ways to manage the country’s affairs.”
“We visited [former] Prime Minister Saad Hariri to thank him for supporting our candidature to the presidency. We have both pledged to get the job done and bring Lebanon out of the crisis. (…) With dialogue, no party loses, and Lebanon eventually wins,” Aoun said.
“We wanted to discuss the pact, since it is not a Christian matter, but an agreement between all the Muslim and Christian components to adhere to conviviality, on the basis of equality. It is therefore not in a bilateral pact,” Aoun said.
“Trying to eliminate or control a certain sect tampers with the message of Lebanon which we are tasked to preserve, and this is what we agreed on,” he went on.
“We affirm that those who are opposing today are basing their judgment on old beliefs. (…) Lebanon is the jewel of the world. Can you believe that, with all what is going on in the world, we still have our independence,” Aoun said.
Source: NNA

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