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Syrian Army, Allies Press Aleppo Advance, Tells Gunmen to Leave

October 2, 2016
Syrian government and allied forces advanced north of Aleppo on Sunday, pressing their week-old offensive to take the insurgent-held, eastern part of the city after dozens of overnight air strikes.
The Syrian army told the armed groups to leave the area, offering safe passage and aid supplies.
The Syrian military began their push to take the whole of the divided city after a ceasefire collapsed last month.
An air campaign by the Syrian government and its allies was reinforced by a ground offensive targeting the besieged eastern half of the city where insurgents have been holding out.
The opposition UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and the Syrian military said the army and its allies had advanced south from the Handarat refugee camp north of Aleppo city, which they took earlier this week, taking the Kindi hospital and parts of the Shuqaif industrial area.
Air strikes and shelling continued on Sunday, the Observatory said.
The Observatory added that there was fierce fighting between armed groups and government forces all along the front line which cuts the city in two.
The Syrian army said on Sunday that outlawed gunmen should vacate east Aleppo and it would guarantee them safe passage and necessary aid.
“The army high command calls all armed fighters in the eastern neighborhood of Aleppo to leave these neighborhoods and let civilian residents live their normal lives,” the statement carried by state news agency SANA said.
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Field Report: Syrian Army makes fresh gains in northern Aleppo. Map Update

The Syrian Armed Forces continue to recapture more territories from the Islamic rebels in bid to restore the whole insurgent-held districts in the eastern parts of Aleppo city.
Today, the government troops claimed full control of the shattered Al-Kindi Hospital, as well as Al-Shokaief Industrial Area, after fierce battles with the jihadi groups.
According to the Al Masdar News reporter in Aleppo, the recent advances comes after the Syrian Army, backed by the pro-government Al-Quds Brigade fighters, managed yesterday to seize Al-Bakarah district, located only 300 meters to the south of the recently-captured Handarat Refugee Camp.
Two days ago, the Syrian Army retreated from Al-Kindi Hospital after controlling it for a few hours due to certain military considerations.
Once Syria’s oldest and biggest public healthcare facility, Al-Kindi Hospital was reduced to rubbles by the jihadi groups after taking control of it on December 20th, 2013.

Syrian, Russian jets pummel northern Hama

Syrian and Russian fighter jets conducted, yesterday, dozens of airstrikes against jihadists in the northern countryside of Hama in bid to halt the recent advance made by anti-government fighters.
According to a military source, the airstrikes destroyed numerous armored vehicles and tanks used by jihadists in the villages and towns of Karah, Ma’an, Lawkab and Zilaqiat, as well as an ammunition depot in Kafr Zita.
The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that Russian aircrafts conducted up to 15 airstrikes against rebel targets in the mountains overlooking Al-Lataminah village. Scores have been killed in the attacks while others remain under rubble, according to SOHR.
Meanwhile, pro-rebel social media accounts mourned the death of some 50 militants, including senior commanders.
A rebel fighter killed in a mountain cave in northern Hama

A rebel fighter killed in a mountain cave in northern Hama

Al Masdar News has learnt that a wide-scale military ground operation is set to be launched within the next few days to regain all territories lost recently in northern Hama.

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