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Crowds Flock to Baabda Palace to Congratulate Aoun on His Election as President

November 6, 2016
Crowds flock to Baabda Palace to congratulate Aoun on his election
Thousands of supporters flocked to the Baabda Palace from various areas around Lebanon in the wee hours of Sunday morning to congratulate General Michel Aoun on his election as President.
A large ‘People’s Palace’ banner was erected in the yard of the palace which started to welcome people of all ages since early morning hours.
The President is expected to address the crowds at 11:00 a.m.
Crowds were carrying banners supporting Aoun and his allies, but security forces were confiscating any partisan flags, under orders from Aoun that people could only hold the national Lebanese flag.
The Free Patriotic Movement had called on its supporters to take part in the rallies en masse.
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Aoun Vows: Corruption will Be Uprooted, Environment will Become Clean

November 6, 2016
President Michel Aoun addressing crowds in Baabda Palace
Lebanese President Michel Aoun vowed Sunday that “corruption will be eradicated”, stressing that he will not allow any politician to violate the constitution as part of the “strong State” he’s willing to achieve.
Addressing huge crowds who gathered at the Baadba Palace to congratulate him on his election, Aoun said a strong Lebanon is built on a constitution which all politicians shall respect, “we won’t allow anyone to violate the Lebanese constitution.”
“Today, we can stand proudly and defiantly before all people and countries because we have created our national unity and we will now begin the second journey, which is building the country,” the president said.
While promising not to allow for any intervention in Lebanese affairs, Aoun vowed that it was time to start building a strong Lebanon and assured that independence and sovereignty shall not be considered an enmity with others.
On the reform plan, Aoun pledged that huge projects were awaiting the government. “People wants their basic needs to be secured (water, electricity, infrastructure, etc..),” he said, adding “that’s why we have reached the presidency carrying developmental projects.”
He also said corruption will be uprooted and the environment will become clean.
Source: Al-Manar Website
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