Monday, 21 November 2016

No Guarantees from the States Sponsoring Terrorists

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Self-government for terrorists in Eastern Aleppo is totally rejected by the Syrian Government, underscored Mr. Walid Al-Moallem, Deputy Premier and Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Minister.
Terrorists in eastern Aleppo have deterred civilians from leaving through the safe passages provided by the Government, Minister Al-Moallem said, citing the demonstrations by the population in Eastern Aleppo against the terrorists
The duty of the Syrian State is to salvage the besieged civilians in Eastern Aleppo from terrorists, reiterated Minister Al-Moallem.
Terrorists were given the chance to leave for Edlib or to stay in Eastern Aleppo making reconciliations, given the pardon given President Bashar Assad and its extension for another 3 months.
De Mistura said he had no Guarantees from the States sponsoring the terrorists, declared Minister Al-Moallem, who held before the press conference a meeting with UN envoy Staffan De Mistura.
Nothing new from De Mistura whatsoever, said Minister Al-Moallem, recalling the terrorists rejection to allow safe exit for the wounded civilians in eastern Aleppo.
The political solution is the basis for ending the crisis in Syria, stressed Minister Al-Moallem, in reply to a question, adding “we believe in the UN role and there is no alternative for such a role.”
Minister Al-Moallem  clarified that it should, however, be the UN which respects the sovereignty of its members, stressing that We always welcome a Syrian-Syrian dialogue and welcome such a meeting in Syria or in Geneva.
The USA exploits Kurds factor and then brings the Turkish role and both are rejected by Raqa Arab civilians, outlined Minister Al-Moallem.
We are dealing with the Turkish tools -terrorists- and we would never accept any Turkish soldier in Syria, Minister Al-Moallem added.
We have always been pushing for a political solution. The headquarters for the terrorists and their grassroots are in Edlib near the Turkish borders. If they choose any other place, there is no objection, outlined Minister Al-Moallem.
There is daily coordination with Russia in the political and military fields, Minister Al-Moallem said, citing the shared interest between Syrian Army and Iraqi one as not to allow Daesh to penetrate into Syria.
“The battle of the Iraqi soldiers to liberate Mosul is our battle too,” outlined Minister Al-Moallem.
“We are with the US People choice and it is premature to predict the coming US policy regarding Syria,” said Minister Al-Moallem in reply to another question.
The US Former Administration strategy on Syria, which spent millions of dollars on what they called moderate opposition, which later joined Al-Nusra, is filled with an accumulation of mistakes which led nowhere, al-Moallem said, asserting the need as  to correct such a policy through the US-Russian dialogue.
Minister Al-Moallem expressed the belief asserting that Russia is a fundamental factor in Syria and in the fight against terrorism so the need for dialogue between Moscow and Washington is as to fight terrorism.
There is no link nor coordination between Syria and Turkey regarding the Turkish aggression on Syria and Syria looks at those terrorists as to be eliminated, asserting that  the Turkish support to these terrorist factions is clear for all.
We should not over exaggerate as the arrival of chemical weapons inspectors, Minister Al-Moallem said in reply to a question.
“We are proud of national cohesiveness among all spectra of the Syrian People.” Minister Al-Moallem reiterated.
The coming US administration has to curb the states which support terrorists groups and also to stop its support for terrorist groups, Minister Al-Moallem underlined.
UNDOF has received guarantees from Qatar and Israel as not to target UNDOF  and their return has no political indications as they returned to their normal position, Minister Al-Moallem said in reply to another question.
In the Egyptian discourse, there is progress but less than what we hope. Egypt, the great country in its people and Army, cannot stand only watching, Minister Al-Moallem declared.
We sympathize with the Egyptian Army which is fighting terrorism in Sinai, Minister Al-Moallem added.

Hassan Abdul Azim, (Left)
The best guarantee is the non-arrest of Hassan Abdul Azim, who travels abroad and returns and gives mumbo-jumbo declarations. We welcome the return of any Syrian, even if he left illegally, Minister Al-Moallem said in reply to other questions.
There are two battles: Mosul and Aleppo. There is international consensus to fight terrorism in Mosul and there is international hysteria as regards the fight against terrorists in Aleppo; they aim to salvage Al-Nusra, thinking that it threatens the Syrian Government, Minister Al-Moallem added in reply to other questions.
There is no self-administration in Eastern Aleppo, citing the demonstrations against terrorists , Minister Al-Moallem reiterated, asserting that the decision is to restore normal life to all of Aleppo and to liberate Eastern Aleppo from terrorists.
There are changes in the international arena, Minister Al-Moallem added and Lauded the steadfastness of the Syrians and the alliance among Syria, Iran, Russia and Hezbollah.
Economy is the basis for Russian and Turkey relation and Turkey is an invading country which assists terrorists and launches aggression against our sovereignty, Minister Al-Moallem added in the conference.
No doubts, we will implement the decision of the Syrian leadership as to cleanse Aleppo from terrorists and liberate it, Minister Al-Moallem concluded.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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