Monday, 14 November 2016


by Jonathan Azaziah

I wasn’t going to write any rage-filled, profanity-laced tirades about these idiotic protests against Donald Trump… But then I came across a teensy-weensy lil’ bit of information about who exactly is organizing the majority of these demonstrations across the United Snakes of IsraHELL and like clockwork, my blood began to boil and I decided that a rage-filled, profanity-laced tirade against these crybaby liberals is exactly what’s needed. Thus, since none other than Yahoudling puppetmasters George Soros and Peter Lewis’s is stirring up a shitstorm again, and in the spirit of hatred for anything and everything even remotely related to Zio-Killary Clinton and that two-faced trickster kibbutznik Bernie Sanders, allow me to offer the following message of intellectual and social clarity: FUCK YOU CLOWN-ASS, BITCH-ASS MOTHERFUCKERS AND THE CLOWN-ASS, BITCH-ASS DEGENERATES WHO BIRTHED YOU. 
You “progressives” took a trip to LaLaLand when “the first Black president” and Hillary The Hag razed Libya to the ground, including the historically Black African Misurata town of Tawergha which was ransacked and ethnically cleansed by a NATO-backed Takfiri rebel gang called “The Brigade for Purging Slaves and Black Skin”. O’ the “anti-racist” glory! You “progressives” took a powder on Syria and have been, for the most apart, silent on Uncle O’Tom-a and Clinton The Pythoness rendering this gorgeous ancient land, which was the fourth-safest country in the world prior to the conspiracy, to a chaotic, kinetic warzone via Wahhabi terrorist proxies.
In fact, if we’re keeping it 100% on-point, you atrocious excuses for “progressives” have failed to meet an Obama-Clinton crime that you didn’t salivate over and subsequently make excuses for or run away from like pitiful yellowbelly sissies when confronted. From the economic destabilization of Venezuela to the soft “democratic” coups in Argentina and Chile; to the Russophobic, Zionist-financed putsch in Ukraine and sanctions on Russia; to the propping up of bloody military dictatorships in Egypt and Honduras; to massive arms deals worth over $115 billion with the most repressive, most mysogynistic regime on Earth, Saudi Arabia; to the biggest aid package to the Zionist enemy ever at $38 billion over 10 years; to drone strikes on Pakistan, the occupation of Afghanistan and the backing of the barbaric ‘Israeli’ wars on besieged Gaza in ’12 and ’14; to the ungodly crime committed against the Nigerian Shi’a of Zaria, including their leader Sheikh Zakzaky; to the genocidal monstrosity that is the aggression against Yemen, you “progressives” voluntarily sewed your mouths shut or got on board with all of it. Even though each of these horrors brings us to the water’s edge of WW3.
But Donald Trump attains the White House and prevails over your beloved “revolutionary” forces–i.e. the Democratic Party, the NYT, CNN, MSNBC, especially that obnoxious man-thing Rachel Maddow, and others cut from the same cloth–vociferously opposing him, and THIS is what gets you gutless pieces of shit to cry hysterically across social media, contemplate leaving the country, abandon your universities, frantically call for “unity”–unity with what and/or whom by the way? ‘Cause you certainly don’t want any unity with the Libyans, Syrians, Palestinians, Lebanese, Yemenis, Pakistanis, Afghanis, Iraqis and Ukranians Baruch Obama and Hadassah Clinton have slaughtered–quit your jobs, demand “healing” and basically rethink your entire existence? This?
Man. You people really are fucked fifty ways to Sunday, ain’t you? Is it hypocrisy? Duplicity? Selective humanity and solidarity? Word, all of the above. But additionally… INSANITY. Pure, unadulterated madness mixed with toxic, Jewish-funded identity politics. I would advocate you cowards being castrated but clearly you lost your balls a long, LONG time ago. Shaytanic Jewish money can have that kind of effect on you. So just shut the fuck up and go the fuck home, you corny cookie-cutter Sorosites. And for the sake of good manners, do send me a postcard when you detach your brains from your bowels and come to the realization that the planet is still somehow going to manage spinning on its axis in spite of your pathetic hurt feelings.


River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   
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