Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Russian Air Force hammers west Aleppo ahead of planned Syrian Army offensive

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (8:20 A.M.) – The Russian Air Force carried out several airstrikes over the western countryside of Aleppo on Monday, targeting Jaysh Al-Fateh’s (Army of Conquest) positions at several sites located west of the city.
According to an Al-Masdar field correspondent, the Russian Air Force specifically targeted Mansourah, Khan Al-Assal, Rashideen 4, and Rashiddeen 5 near the recently captured Minyan and Al-Assad suburbs.
The field correspondent added that the Russian Air Force launched an estimated 30 airstrikes over west Aleppo today in order to weaken the jihadist defenses at Khan Al-Assad and Rashiddeen 5.
The aforementioned sites attacked by the Russian Air Force this morning are considered the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) targets for their upcoming west Aleppo offensive that is scheduled to be launched in the coming weeks.
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