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“Exclusive to Syrper” by Canthama

The latest terrorist offensive in western Aleppo ended up in another failure and with very heavy losses. After 3 VBIEDs used and hundreds of rockets fired against civilians during the entire day last Thursday, with 12 terrorists killed and 100+ wounded, the terrorists counted no gains whatsoever, while sustaining the following losses:
2 Tanks
6 BMPs
15+ 4×4 pick ups/technicals
1 Bulldozer
Map credited to @loomisroberto

The attack had started from 3 axes: Al-Zahraa` District, Minyaan Village and the Al-Assad suburb toward the 3000 Apartment Complex. All 3 VBIEDs were destroyed before reaching their targets, which slowed down considerably any advance by the terrorists, as you can see by studying the impressive photo below taken at the exact moment the SAA tank hit the VBIED.
As the battle continues in the western Aleppo sector, the 1 day- long humanitarian cease fire will be implemented in the eastern side. This was reportedly the last opportunity for the terrorists to leave eastern Aleppo with their lives and light weapons. The RuAF has been kept from attacking the terrorists in Aleppo for over 2 weeks in an effort to build confidence so the terrorists could leave with their lives. This concession ends late Friday November the 4th.
As this weekend approaches and the end of the “humanitarian cease fire” comes, many new actions in and around Aleppo are expected, such as:
1) RuAF will be back in full force bombing the terrorists locations in and around Aleppo city and rear positions.
2) On Friday the Admiral Kuznetsov battle group arrives on the Tartous/Lattakia coast, with it 30+ fighters and 18-20 attack helicopters. Besides the additional airpower, there will be many ballistic missiles and cruise missiles that will most likely be tested in the next few weeks.  Watch for the new 20-mile range anti-tank rocket to be deployed as Ziad reported last week.
3) Rumors continue making the rounds on the possible campaign toward Al-Baab and Dayr Haafir in order to cut ISIS access to Turkey and block the Turkish-backed terrorists’ advance toward the Al-Baab-Maskana Plain.
4) Resumption of the offensive to finally clean eastern Aleppo from terrorists.
5) There are an unprecedented number of SAA and allied forces in and around Aleppo city, all built up during the past 2 months who will be unleashed as soon as all possible diplomatic solutions have failed. That is why this Friday is so crucial to Syria and Russia.

Northern Hama
After the victory in Sooraan and the partial redeployment of the Tiger Forces back to Aleppo, the remaining Tiger Force and allies resumed their advance and managed to secure 3 sites since yesterday, cutting off two possible routes from the terrorists:  M5 and the old Teebat Al-Imaam-Mork Road. The 3 sites referred to in the foregoing are:
Tal Maseen
Tal Baazim
Buwaydha Village – under artillery fire control

The next steps could very well be Tal Al-Mintaar and Masaasina Village, thus creating a completely unsustainable position for the remaining terrorists at Teebat Al-Imaam, flushing them out and forcing their withdrawal back to Al-Lataamina.
Map credited to @sandlogs

Syria-Egytp-Iraq Rapprochement
Much has been said about the Egyptian shift to Russia, Iraq, Syria and Libya’s LNA Government.  Concrete steps were observed in the past month that attest to it:
1) Egypt supported the last Russian UNSC resolution concerning Syria.
2) Egypt refused to participate in the murderous and criminal Saudi “coalition” bombing of Yemen.
3) KSA cut oil/gas supply to Egypt which was immediately replaced by Iraq’s government. The deal was closed between Iraqi PM Haydar Al-‘Abbaadi and President Al-Sisi with Russian and Iranian intercession.
4) Russia and Egypt executed a massive joint military drill during October.  An historical first.
5) There are unconfirmed rumors floating of a possible airbase for RuAF by the Egyptian Med Sea.
6) Unconfirmed rumors of Russian delivery of tons of weapons and ammo, through Egypt, to Libya’s National Army-Tobruk Government.
7) Confirmed Syria-Egypt Intel officers meeting in Cairo during October with Syrian Presidential Security Advisor Maj. Gen. ‘Ali Mamlook at the head of the Syrian delegation.
8) Egyptian soldiers have arrived in Damascus in early November for, most likely, experience-sharing in urban warfare, counter-terrorism training and for facilitating deeper Intel exchanges.
Major Khudairy‘s Egyptian army uniform shoulder has a writing: “From Sinai.. long live the Syrian Arab Army ..”
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