Thursday, 8 December 2016

Map Update: Syrian Army captures 85% of east Aleppo, on verge of total military victory

ALEPPO, SYRIA – A military source informed Al-Masdar News that the Syrian Army captured a number of districts in Old Aleppo.
Under the direct command of the prominent Tiger Forces commander, Colonel Suheil Al-Hassan, tasked with the liberation of Aleppo’s eastern neighborhoods, elite units from the Syrian Army would continue their advance capturing the entire northern section of the Old City: the districts of Karm Al-Jabal, Al-Mashatiyah, Qadi Al-Askar, Aghyor, Sahat Al-Tananir, Qastal Mishet, Qastal Harami, Al-Aryan, Farafira, Al-Kaldaniyah, Bab Al-Hadid, and Bab Al-Nasr.
The source also confirmed that the Syrian Armed Forces would proceed to capture Jubb Al-Qabba, Al-Safsafa, Al-Ma’adi, Sheikh Lutfi, and Marjeh which lie south of the landmark citadel.
Symbolically, advancing units from east Aleppo had met the garrison of the Aleppo Citadel entering the medieval palace from its main gate- a scene considered unfeasible by many several months ago.
Dozens of insurgents were killed in today’s battles while over a hundred surrendered. Meanwhile, hundreds of families were evacuated to IDP centers where they are granted basic accommodations and health care by the Syrian and Russian governments.
Currently, heavy battles are taking place between the Syrian Army and the jihadist rebels of Jaish Al-Fateh and Army of Aleppo on all axes of Aleppo. The government forces aim to seize the rest of the city as quickly as possible, and only the districts of Kalaseh, Bustan Al-Qasr, Ansari, Mash-had, Sukkari, Zibdiyah, Salaheddin, Karm Al-Da’ada’ and Sheikh Sa’eed remain out of the 45 districts that were under rebel control less than two weeks ago.

Syrian Army Regains 78% of Eastern Aleppo Neighborhoods – Map

December 7, 2016
Aleppo map
Syrian army and allied forces managed on Wednesday to retake 78% of the neighborhoods of eastern Aleppo, as they recapture Aghyour, Bab Al-Hadeed, Al-Farafera and Al-Safsafa (Old Aleppo).
Hezbollah Media Center reported massive escape during Tuesday night by the armed groups toward southern Aleppo from the eastern part of the province, mainly  Kalasa, Bostan Al-Qaser, Al-Ansari, Al-Mash-had, Al-Sokkari and Al-Salehin along the way to Sheikh Saeed.
Earlier, sources told Al-Manar TV that armed groups have withdrawn from remaining districts in the north-east of Aleppo through a 700 m-width corridor located between the Citadel of Aleppo and the Eyes Hospital toward the southern part of the terrorist-held neighborhoods.
Source: Hezbollah Military Media Center

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