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غرفة العمليات المشتركة: التزام الجيش السوري وحلفائه بتحرير شرق حلب قرار لا رجعة عنه
Sharmine Narwani sent a message via my email announcing the departure of the White Helmets from East Aleppo.  They, evidently, evacuated along with all the Islamist terrorist rodents toward Turkey where Erdoghan continues to bloviate about ousting Dr. Assad from the presidency of Syria.  (He did recant during a conversation with President Putin.)  We have heard that Vlad has ordered the Russian Foreign Ministry to inquire about what Erdoghan meant when he said he was determined to overthrow the government.  So far, Turk diplomats are trying to soft-soap the whole affair without much success.  As I have written before, Erdoghan is mentally unstable and he really has to be taken down before he kills thousands of his own people in his quixotic mission to unseat a popular, secular and modernistic leader.
The White Helmets who were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize were about as deserving as that nincompoop in the White House who received the prize after having done next to nothing in promoting peace.  As it turned out, he is one of the most murderous examples of American gangsterism not least because he came from the city of Chicago where he learned how to use drones to execute innocent people or to drone on and on about Dr. Assad “having to go” or “having no future in Syria”.  The number of “staged” videos exposing this group of mass-murdering terrorists pulled the veil off their carefully sculpted visage as a paramedical all-volunteer force of humanitarians is legion.  We just showed you one where the White Helmets set up a scene to show a man being removed from rubble a la “Danny the Syrian”.  You remember him?  Right?  Well, all the apologies in the world can’t change the fact that websites like ours probably dashed their hopes of getting the Peace Prize and snookering the population of the world into believing they were really peace-loving mortals.

This is a scene from Hanaanu Residencies.  The population has started to return and pick up the pieces after the plague of Zionist-supported and Saudi-funded terrorism ended with the total victory of the Syrian Army.  The Ministry of Defense certified that the area was explosives-free and rodent-free.   (Photo courtesy of the Ba’ath Party)
(Photo courtesy of Alalam)
Sharmine Narwani sent me this series of videos from Lina Arabi showing the aftermath of the SAA triumph in Aleppo:
Well, some terrorists still remain in Aleppo’s east side.  They are trying desperately to build up new fortifications in an effort to delay the onslaught which is coming over the next few days as new battle tanks arrive.  Al-Sukkari is the next target.

ALERT TO READERS:  Don’t be surprised if Abu Muhammad Al-Jawlaani is assassinated over the next week or so.  At a minimum he is going to be removed from his position as commander of Nusra/Alqaeda.  He and ‘Abdullah Al-Muhaysini are both targeted because of their incompetent handling of the Aleppo siege.  They are blamed for the deaths of over 3,000 terrorists killed all over the Aleppan countryside.  The intercepted conversation I gave my readers yesterday in which one commander desperately asks if Al-Muhaysini is going “to pray for us” is proof of the terrorist morale at the present time.  The debate going on among the terrorist groups is whether to unite with ISIS, hence, the trip by Abu Maarayyaa Al-Qahtaani to Al-Raqqa which we reported; and, most importantly whether to replace Al-Jawlaani with the farcical leader of Alqaeda in Afghanistan, Ayman Al-Zhawaahiri.  They plan to change the name of their group to “Jaysh Al-Umma”.  Al-Zhawaahiri is expected to arrive soon in Idlib to take over from both louts in an effort to save their devil-worshiping criminal enterprise.

Image result for aleppo international airport
Syrian Army Republican Guard units stunned sleeping vermin in the districts of Al-HulwaaniyyaAl-Maysir and Al-Jazmaati this morning with a blitz of artillery and rocket fire followed by a sweep of the areas with T-90 battle tanks.  The group here near the airport is the Harakat Fath Aleppo.  They are already beginning to move out into the surrounding rural areas in anticipation of a massive push to clean them out and kill them all.  Al-Jazmaati is almost completely liberated.
مسلحي التل إلى إدلب صباح اليوم... والنصرة وأحرار الشام يتقاسمان الوافدين الجدد مناصفة
Al-Tal:  Just like Khaan Al-Shaykh, the rodents are leaving by agreement with the Syrian government.  They are permitted to leave with their families for Idlib but must turn over their heavy weapons and provide a map showing where all mines and IEDs are planted.  They are allowed to take their personal weapons only. This agreement to evacuate took place this morning at 10:00 a.m. Damascus time.  The deal was reached last Monday between the army, a delegation of town notables and a group of rodents representing the others.  All people held by the terrorists must be released immediately.  Some of the rats have opted to request amnesty and join the popular militias.  All draft dodgers are going to be oriented toward fulfilling their military service without hope of deferment.
Note to readers:  Both Ahraar Al-Shaam and Nusra/Alqaeda are welcoming the new arrivals from Damascus with the hope their numbers will sufficiently supplant the huge numbers lost by these terrorist groups in combat with the Syrian Army and its allies.   It truth, many of these rodents will choose nothing of the kind, preferring to make their way to Europe.  In any case, the terrorist groups mentioned have agreed to divide the new arrivals evenly.
HOMS:  Using new technology on the battlefield, the Syrian Army struck hard at Nusra/Alqaeda positions near the town of Al-Rastan destroying rows of fortifications built up by the syphilis-ridden rodents.  From intercepted communications, leaders were counted among the dead with several vehicles severely damaged.  The SAA was also active bombarding terrorist nests in Al-Tayyiba, Taldahab, Sama’leel.
Patrick Henningsen sends this article about the supply route the SAA established to feed the people of Aleppo:

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   
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