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Al-Salamiyya:  This town is famous for its majority Isma’ili Muslim population, a very courteous people with no axe to grind with anyone.  That doesn’t stop the devil-worshiping Nusra/Alqaeda from trying to exterminate them, however.  Yesterday and today, the forces of villainy in this world tried desperately to overrun several SAA and PDC positions near the town, specifically at Al-Sat-hiyyaat west of the town about 10kms.  The attack has, so far, been a disaster for the terrorist cannibals who also attacked at Khunayfees and Al-Ramliyya.  All attacks were blunted by the force of SAA artillery, PDC rangers and helicopter gunships.  The number killed has been estimated at 33 rodents.  Intercepted communications indicate a breakdown in command structure and a diminution in the amount of weapons and ammunition wielded by the foreign-supported vermin.  Hence, the following story:

West Al-Haraat Village:  Members of the PDC militia set a trap for a truck barreling down a road carrying weapons to Nusra/Alqaeda in the Al-Salamiyya area and engaged the terrorists occupying it in a firefight which the militia won handily.  Both driver and his sidekick were killed and their carcasses converted into instant fertilizer.  After inspecting the truck, the militia showcased a terrorist surveillance drone and a great many light, medium and heavy weapons, and rockets for RPG anti-tank launchers.  It was obvious the rodents in Al-Salamiyya were anxious to be resupplied as reports filter in of a large SAA column moving in their direction.

The Al-Hayyaan Natural Gas Station was set ablaze by ISIS on orders from American-accented terrorist enablers in Turkey.  This intelligence was gathered by Russia and delivered to the SAA-MI.  It took place 2 days ago as the vermin withdrew rapidly from this area, one of Syria’s most important natural resources-rich installations.  The rodents knew they could not hold out as they observed the SAA moving to surround them and close off all escape routes.  CIA operatives informed their rodents that they should leave the area quickly but, before doing so, to lay waste to as much of the facility as possible.  Some have doubted that the ISIS rats were able to demolish the gas production facility.  My sources say it did happen but that only a portion of the plant was destroyed.

Al-Qunaytiraat Axis:  We can confirm the deaths of 23 Nusra/Alqaeda rodents here on the Homs-Al-Salamiyya Road.  With large SAA reinforcements moving to buttress the forces in Al-Salamiyya, the terrorists, now increasingly under American command before the ascension of Donald Trump, tried to cut off the Homs-Salamiyya Highway.  To no avail.  The SAAF went into action immediately with ground support from SAA artillery and rocket units and clobbered the syphilis-ridden vermin.  They also were annihilated at another site near the ‘Izzeddeen-Al-Qunaytiraat Junction by very precise artillery and rocket fire.
The number of Nusra/Alqaeda dead is 23 so far with these named:
Abu Hamza Al-Jawlaani (Id pending. Leader of Alqaeda)
Khaalid Dardar (Alqaeda leader of Turk descent)
Muneef Khalaf Seedu
‘Ammaar Al-Hammood
Muhammad Hussayn Al-Sharaabi
Hussayn Al-Ruzz
Abu Miqdaad Al-Dayri (Id pending)
The rest were not identified because they were foreign.  5 pickup trucks with 23mm cannons were destroyed in the melee.

Dayr Muqrin:  The Syrian Army has completely liberated this village adjacent to the ‘Ayn Al-Feeja water source and aquifer.  The Nusra/Alqaeda rodents have withdrawn to what they think are defensible positions.  Actually the wanted to make a deal and get over to Idlib, but, the Saudi Arabian money-rats nixed he whole project threatening to cut off all aid to anybody who surrendered or agreed to pull out.  Saudi Arabia seems to think that all water comes from one place.  Not true.  In any case, the Saudis will be pleased to know that a large contingent from the fully mechanized 4th Armored Division led by Maj. Gen. Maahir Al-Assad is about to pounce on the rodents and orders are to take no prisoners.
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