Tuesday, 24 January 2017

“The Women’s March on Washington” Ignores Obama’s mass murder

John Chuckman
“The Women’s March on Washington represents the America I know and love”
This is just mindless. Much like the “poem” I read about which was recited to a crowd by some air-head celebrity, a poem written by a teen-ager, undoubtedly the product of the miracle of American education, which compared Trump to Hitler and abusively said he had wet-dreams about his daughter.
Indeed, another mindless celebrity at the event, a rather older one perhaps trying to re-ignite a fizzled career, said she has had thoughts of blowing up the White House. High-minded stuff indeed.
It just does not come any shallower or more ignorant than that. In fact, it is downright dangerous to be spouting such stuff and ignoring other terrible matters.
Trump has done nothing yet of which to be afraid.
But Obama leaves office, having, quite literally, killed tens of thousands of women and their families, women just like some of these women demonstrating.
He dropped more than 100,000 bombs.
On seven countries.
Every day of his eight years was marked by war, by America killing people, somewhere.
And this wonderful man created a hi-tech version of the old Argentine junta’s “disappearing” people – a hi-tech version with “kill lists” dropped regularly into his office in-box for an approving signature.
If Trump starts looking anything like the world’s greatest contemporary mass-murderer – Obama having killed more people than any dictator of our day you can name – I will immediately turn against him.
But it is acts, not words, which count.

Response to another reader’s comment:
Absolutely, and more.
But these kinds of unthinking persons care only about their own kind.
You know, the big turmoil in America’s streets over Vietnam, turmoil which for a time came to resemble civil war, was over (relatively small, in terms of wars) numbers of American caskets coming home for a while. And especially when those caskets contained draftees.
Never mind the estimated 3 million slaughtered in their own homes by America – napalmed, carpet-bombed, and sliced up with early versions of cluster bombs. Americans could have quite happily gone on going to dances and movies and slurping beer, had it not taken a fair number of American lives to achieve the grim task.
Never mind the million who died in Cambodia, the killing fields having been a direct result of America destabilizing a neutral country in its mindless Vietnam crusade.
Americans cry over Americans and ignore the millions they have murdered and maimed in far-flung points on the globe. The dead simply remain invisible in the most immoral behavior to be imagined.

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