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Al-Rasheeda Village:  Spotters delivered coordinates to the SAA’s vaunted artillery corps who took action immediately to pulverize ISIS groupings around 4 tanker trucks hauling oil and gas to other terrorist gangs for use in their vehicles of death.  4 tanker trucks arriving from Homs Province were struck dead on by lethal mortar, Howitzer and rocket fire killing a confirmed 16 ISIS rats and destroying all the trucks and their payloads.  This area is 38 kms east of the capital of Suwaydaa` City.  Many ISIS vermin were seen leaving the area driving banshee-like into the open desert.  SAAF helicopters continued to follow them.  No details are available.

Al-Qassr Village:  Yesterday, northeast of Suwaydaa`, the SAA nearly surrounded a nest of ISIS maggots and forced them to flee leaving whole boxes of ammunition and light weapons which will be distributed to our militias in order to kill Wahhabists.

The Arabian lie machines of Al-Jazeera, Al-‘Arabiyya and other repugnant sources of disinformation claimed falsely that the ISIS terrorists had managed to retake Khanaasser Town and, thus, block the movement of vehicles to and from Aleppo City.  As I wrote, it is completely and utterly false.  Traffic is moving very normally according to all reliable sources in Aleppo.
Kassaaraat Al-Manqoora:  In the East Qalamoon area, the SAA wiped out fortifications built by the ISIS rodents managing, in the process, to target a pickup with 23mm cannon aboard, killing 2 occupants.  Also, the army confirmed the destruction of a heavy bus used to transport the filth.

Qarn Al-Kabsh:  (Ram’s Horn) 14 IEDs dismantled after the SAA captured several Nusra/Alqaeda rodents who confessed very quickly to the locations of the bombs.

Al-Naassiriya-Palmyra Road:  Way to the farthest reaches of Damascus Governorate, the SAA engineers found 3 IEDs and dismantled them.

West Qalamoon:  A perfectly executed ambush caught a pack of ISIS rodents unawares killing 5 of them.  The rest escaped leaving weapons and ammunition.

Khaan Al-Manqoora-Palmyra Triangle Road:  ISIS took a big hit here losing 17 rodents and 2 pickups with 23mm cannons.
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When Tulsi Gabbard finally admitted that she met Dr. Bashar Al-Assad in Damascus, we were free to discuss what we knew about her trip.  At first, we respected her deliberate efforts to obscure the fact that she met with the Prez.  But, she also met with President-elect Trump who told her that he wanted her to deliver a message.  The first message was that Dr. Assad had nothing to fear from the United States.  The U.S. will not truck with any party out to change governments.  This is why Boris Johnson, the U.K.’s foreign minister, has just declared that the U.K. had no objections to Dr. Assad running again for the office of the president.  Leave aside the fact that we don’t care about the opinions of some limey aristocrat or elitist, we do care about the U.K.’s constant violations of international law by its facilitating terrorism.  In any case, Donald Trump has delivered his message successfully to Dr. Assad.
The second message has to do with Trump’s willingness to help the Syrian government to control the out-flux of refugees by establishing a “safe zone” for Syrians in areas controlled by either the Syrian Army or the Russian Air Force.  I have been informed that Dr. Assad has accepted this kind of benign interference as long as it was coordinated with the Syrian government.
The third message she carried to Dr. Assad was that the U.S. is intent upon wiping out every vestige of ISIS and Alqaeda, and, that it would do so in coordination with Russia and the Syrian government.
The Zionist Khazars, whose DNA is inevitably Ukrainian, Polish, German or Russian, have gone berserk over this issue. While never condemning John McCain – the drunken mass-murdering pilot who killed Vietnamese civilians in the thousands – for his trespass on Syrian soil without so much as a visa – Tulsi Gabbard took the trouble to secure Syrian permission to enter the SAR and, thus, entered legally and properly.  Only Zionist child molesters and drug addicts attack a woman so courageous and, yet, so punctilious in the way she conducts her affairs.
With Marine LePen slated to trounce the cowardly vipers of Paris in the next elections, expect a great year for Syria and its people.  Expect that kraut schlampe, Merkel, to go down the sewer straight into the cesspool of history this time around.
Diana Barahona sent me this shockeroo about Trump calling Dr. Assad brave in a conversation with President Sisi:
“Presidential sources in Cairo have said that U.S. President Trump, when he phoned Egyptian President Sisi, told him that he supported the fight against terrorism, and that the United States will fight terrorism in the Middle East. Washington will also carry out military operations against terrorism in Iraq and Syria in coordination with Russia. He supports the congressional decision that the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization.
When the two leaders spoke about the situation in Iraq, Trump said that the United States will support the Iraqi army with aerial bombing and warplanes to end terrorism in Iraq.
As for Syria, the president told President Sisi: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is a brave man who stood firm in the face of terrorism, but the circumstances do not allow me access to him.
Trump added: I’ll be in touch with Russian President Vladimir Putin together to coordinate military action in Syria against terrorism and terrorists and the Daesh organization.
Egyptian presidential sources concluded that President Trump told President Sisi that Assad was brave, because Sisi conveyed the words of the American president in a message to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.”
And from Dimitri Porfyris this article in French:
And from Afraa Dagher the reason why the USA is helping ISIS to take Dayr El-Zor.  However, Donald Trump has put an end to that:
Waf sends this article and video showing our army ambushing and killing 10 ISIS rodents in DZ at the Panorama Axis:
Patrick Henningsen sends more to us about the disgraced MSM:
Want to know more about Tusa Gabbard’s trip to Syria?
You’re going to love this article from Syrianews about illegal terrorist aliens and even mentions McCain:
Brandon attacks Trump’s “safe zone” policy in Syria and analyzes it.  I think we will deal with this subject soon in a post by Ziad. Not to worry. It’ Trump now:
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