Friday, 17 February 2017

Fake News or Real? CNN has Pentagon Planning Ground Troop Invasion of Syria and Russian Spy Ship off US Coast

Just within the past hour or so CNN has published two stories which may fall into the category of “fake news” (it’s of course hard to tell these days).
In one article, here, the network is reporting that the Pentagon is considering recommending sending “conventional ground combat forces” into Syria in order to “speed up the fight against ISIS.” So far the only US troops that have been sent into Syria are small units of special forces, and as the article notes, the deployment of conventional ground troops “would significantly alter US military operations in Syria.”
In the other report we are told that a Russian spy ship is presently lurking “30 miles off the coast of Connecticut,” and that “the vessel is outfitted with a variety of high-tech spying equipment and is designed to intercept signals intelligence.”
The same report also alleges that a US ship, the USS Porter, “had three encounters with Russian aircraft” while sailing in the Black Sea last Friday. The Russians carried out a “mock attack” against the ship, the article claims.
Both reports are based upon unnamed US officials.
CNN has been accused by Trump of spreading fake news. At the same time, Trump appointed Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis to head the Defense Department. Mattis has said that US policy in Syria “needs to be reviewed and perhaps energized on a more aggressive timeline.”

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