Saturday, 25 March 2017

Filipino President: The European Union are ‘sons of bitches’

 BEIRUT, LEBANON (5:54 A.M.) – The President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, has called the European Union (EU) “sons of bitches” after calling for the hard line leader to rethink his war on drugs.
During a speech to Chinese businessmen, he highlighted that he did not need the EU to talk about rehabilitation programs which he claimed did not stop drug addicts from committing crimes.
“So we’re getting a relief now from our hardships because a lot of (Chinese) money is coming in. The EU, they communicated to us, and they want a health-based solution for the drugs. These sons of bitches,” he said.
“They want us to build clinics, then instead of arresting, putting them in prisons, just like in other countries, you go there and if you want shabu, they will inject you and give you shabu and you go out,” he said, referring to the methamphetamine used in the Philippines.
“Our people will just go there and consume every chemical until kingdom come, until they are crazy… who will answer for these?”
His angry response came as the EU criticized the “many extrajudicial killings” occurnig in the Philippines.
The President then went onto praise China for its no-strings-attached loans and aid.

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