Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Trump’s Proposed ‘Defense’ Spending Increase Is More Than 80% of Russia’s ENTIRE Military Budget

At a meeting of U.S. governors on Monday, Donald “the F-35 is too expensive” Trump described his proposed $54 billion boost in “defense” spending as an integral part of “a public safety and national security budget.”
As our friends at the Intercept astutely observed:
That increase alone is roughly the size of the entire annual military budget of the United Kingdom, the fifth-largest spending country, and it’s more than 80 percent of Russia’s entire military budget in 2015.
Seriously, is Donald Trump a shape-shifting space lizard? Because that’s basically the only acceptable reason for someone proposing something so awful and evil. That or he is now a loyal Raytheon lapdog. Or both.
Freedom isn't free?
Freedom isn’t free?
It doesn’t matter how you dress up the numbers. It’s criminal in every graph-form:



To quote the Washington Post, ” In the richest nation in the world, one in three kids live in poverty. Let that sink in.”

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