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Crashing 40 kms from its target, this lonely Tomahawk finds its grave in the Syrian countryside. (Courtesy: Veteranstoday)
John Esquire sent me this eye-opening account of the fakery in Washington D.C.. It proves that Ivanka Trump is now a war criminal along with her Zionist Yid husband.
Now see this from Global Research:
I have deliberately waited for the evacuation of Faw’ah and Kafaryaa to start before writing this post. The plan to relocate the inhabitants was engineered by Iran with a little help from terrorist-supporting Qatar. The residents will be sent to Al-Raashideen Quarter in Aleppo, Jibreen, Latakia and the now-mostly-abandoned towns of Zabadaani, Buqqeen and Madhaayaa. The terrorist rodents departing the three Damascene towns are heading to their deaths in Idlib. Some are reportedly interested in retiring from terrorism and finding a route to Europe. That would be smart because in just a few weeks, they will all be dead in Idlib.
Qatar tried, at the last minute, to scupper the talks when it demanded that the agreement be tied to the capture and detaining of its “diplomats” in Iraq by the People’s Mobilization Committees who rejected any such tie.
I have been reading with some interest several articles claiming that Ivanka Trump influenced her father’s decision to go ahead with the flopped bombing of the Shu’ayraat Airbase last Friday morning. If that is so, it means that the Trump administration is completely at sea since incompetent daughters are permitted to have a say in military matters and that the president, himself, is completely at sea now that we know he is in the clutches of the CIA. Trump appears to have succumbed to the machinations of the Deep State here – a Deep State infested with Zionist criminals.
We all knew Trump to be an Arab and Muslim hater due to the fact that he grew up in NYC with radical Jews fawning over him. Even his friendship with former Mayor Rudolph Guiliani gave us all reason to doubt Trump’s ability to deal fairly with people. Guiliani is the Arab hater par excellence. He is also the ultimate hypocrite, witness his adultery and ugly divorce – all the while playing the role of the righteous crime-buster.
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Note that only 6 MiG23s in various states of disrepair were damaged. The operational jets in their hangars were unharmed because the Tomahawks do not carry enough explosives to penetrate them.
EASTERN HOMS: We have learned that the American attack on the Shu’ayraat Base was a bigger flop than we thought. It started early Friday morning at around 4:40 a.m. Damascus time when all civilians and troops who were on the base would be sleeping. It was meant to kill as many people as possible. The U.S. launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles from the U.S.S. Porter and U.S.S. Ross from the Mediterranean Sea. Of the 59, only 23 reached the base. The other 36 were shot down or toppled by Russian anti-missile defenses and Syrian S-300 rockets. When Russia alerted the Syrian High Command of the attack, the soldiers and civilians at the base were ordered to evacuate ASAP. They did, but, 8 were killed before they could reach shelter. Of the 8 only 2 were in the Air Force.
The U.S. fired this many missiles because it wanted to insure the maximum amount of damage to the base and its inhabitants. The story that the missiles were not aimed at a suspected CW storage facility and the runways is pure nonsense. These missiles are not all that accurate. It is also not known how much upkeep the cruise missiles get. But, one thing is certain, the damage caused to the base was minimal. As everybody now knows, our bombers were flying missions from the runways of the base after only 24 hours.
The attack was initiated by a president who now relies on the idiocy of his own stinking daughter. She is married to Jared Kushner, a card-carrying Zionist who is supposedly being groomed to solve the Zionist-Palestinian conflict. That is a joke. But, the plan, was always at the CIA. The plan was hatched during Obama’s tenure when he ruled out its implementation. It was a pure false flag operation with the British, Saudis, French, Qatari and Turk governments aboard. All major “news” or propaganda institutions in the West would be alerted within minutes of the bombing to insure maximum saturation. The U.N. apparatchiks for those same governments were on notice that something big was going down and that they had better be ready to join in lockstep fashion in a wave of vilification against the Syrian government. This was slated to be the proverbial hair that broke the camel’s back. By the CIA’s reckoning, the Russians would now be under unsustainable pressure to cave in and hand Syria over to the terrorists or their hotel-based supporters.
Rex Tillerson reportedly begged Sergei Lavrov for an audience with Vladimir Putin. I have this on good authority. A friend who lives in Washington D.C., Cy, responded to my telephone call yesterday and told me that the meeting with Lavrov was so tense, Tillerson thought that the only way to highlight the significance of his trip was to see Putin personally. At first, Putin rejected any visit from Tillerson so as to make it clear that the Russian president would not play the American game. Finally, after repeated attempts, Lavrov gave in and suggested the meeting take place.
Putin gave Tillerson no quarter. Putin reportedly made the American Secretary of State wait 3 hours before seeing him. This, in diplomatic parlance, was a “timeout” meant to humiliate Tillerson. When they finally met, Putin treated the chief American diplomat with utter contempt. He confirmed to him that the next time the U.S. launched any attack on Syria, the Russian naval and ground forces would use every means to sink the American plan. He also affirmed that Russia would not abandon Crimea; would not admit to involvement in Ukraine; would not abandon Dr.Assad; and would not confess to interfering in the American elections. Tillerson was out in the cold. He came back to Washington empty-handed.
What is clear from all this, as Cy told me, is that the Trump administration had, for reasons mostly to do with the Trump family’s inexperience in government, started to rely on the Deep State institutions which include many in the CIA whose own future in intelligence is threated by repeated failures in Syria. The CIA, now a repository for Eastern Seaboard Jews operating as katsas, is conducting Zionist plots to Balkanize the Near East to protect itself and newly-found allies in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The defeat of Iran’s efforts to expand its influence is the Zionist-Apartheid State’s major focus. It is also an obsession with Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
The U.S., naturally, claims it did no such thing. The U.S. Central Command argues that it only mistakenly bombed its own allies in the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF or Qasad) when it received confusing coordinates from them causing the deaths of 18 fighters. But, that’s not what the “fighters” are saying in their communications. They are telling a story so repugnant the U.S. will do anything, pay anything, to keep it under wraps. In fact, the Pentagon has gone so far as to invent an alternative story about now the SDF gave poor coordinates resulting in the U.S. bombing its own allies.
The event took place at Hatla Village where over 478 civilians and SDF terrorists were massacred by drones, F-16s and Apache helicopters in an operation which was to devastate ISIS. What it did was devastate the relationship between the United States and its Kurdish allies in the SDF.
April 10, 2017: It has been reported that the Russian Air Force fired a missile at an area close to Jisr Al-Shughoor which struck a meeting of leaders of Ahraar Al-Shaam just when they thought they were completely safe. It is certain that the intelligence about the meeting was received from patriotic citizens who risked their lives to deliver such information. 22 rodent leaders were exterminated in the blast.
The SAA liberated Khirbat ‘Anadaan on Tuesday, Apirl 11, 2017, in preparation for storming ‘Anadaan itself, one of Alqaeda’s chief centers for terrorism. So far, 60 rats have been killed in the fighting. The SAA is now looking over an area under its control from Al-Taamoora and Khirbat ‘Anadaan. The SAA also shot down 2 reconnaissance drones flown by the rodents.
Aimee Anderson provides this wonderful documentary on the People’s Army of Syria:

Trump humiliated courtesy of Veterans Today:
Wonderful article about Trump’s illegal attack on Syria. A must-read from Huffington Post:
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   
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