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TARTOUS AND LATAKIA:  In an unusual display of candor, the Syrian military has announced its activation and deployment of its 72+ Yakhont anti-ship missiles operated on the Bastion platform.  Syria has had this system since at least 2007 but has not had to use it.  It is now speculated that Hizbollah has at least 12 such missiles essentially rendering the Zionist navy useless if another war breaks out in the Lebanon.  The Yakhont (Ruby or Gem in English) flies both at the surface of the sea and at higher altitudes.   At surface altitude its speed is between Mach 1.5 and 1.7.  Interestingly, the missile’s radar turns passive once it is within 30kms of its target and it is coated with radar absorbing material.  It’s export name is “Yakhont” but it is known in Russia as P-800 Oniks.
Russia is now convinced that Donald Trump is bonkers.  His unpredictability was noted by the Chinese during their visit to Florida last week.  They were so impressed by his mercurial style that they abstained on the vote at the U.N. over the typically preposterous British-French-American resolution assigning blame to Syria’s government before an investigation had even started.  It is obvious that the Chinese were so concerned about agreements made with the petulant Trump that they decided not to get involved too deeply.
Trump has now dropped a MOAB bomb on supposed ISIS positions in Afghanistan causing 90+ casualties – allegedly all terrorists.  We will have to wait and see since American bombings in the Middle East have proven to be uniformly indifferent to civilian lives.  He is also pushing the envelope at nuclear-armed North Korea.  I genuinely fear that the know-nothing president in Washington may have had his ears massaged by Zionist cutthroats delectating over the promise of millions killed if the U.S. unwisely provokes a nuclear was with Kim Jong Un.  If I were a South Korean living in nearby Seoul, I’d be lobbying this idiot day and night to keep him out of Far Eastern affairs.
Trump promised, during his campaign, to do many things.  One thing which made him an attractive candidate was his determination to keep the U.S. out of foreign entanglements.  Already, since he took office in January 20, 2017, he has rattled his sabre at Syria, North Korea and Iran – all countries endowed with substantial military assets.  He has also reneged on his promise to improve relations with Russia.  Thanks to his stewardship during the last 60 days or so, he has managed to bury any hope of such rapprochement with Moscow.  That the Russians made no gesture of dissuasion toward the Syrian deployment of the Yakhonts is indicative of their seriousness in confronting American aggression.  I also note Russia’s ambassador to the U.N., Vladimir Safronkov’s, mordacious warning to his slimy British opponent at the meeting which dealt with the idiotic resolution to blame Dr. Assad’s government for the use of Sarin gas at Khaan Shaykhoon.  That he told the grubby limey to:  “look at me when I’m talking to you”, meant that the Russian government has had its fill of English chicanery and stupidity.  All bets are off now.  Russia is deeply committed to defeating the NATO-Saudi plan for Syria.

75 حافلة من أهالي كفريا والفوعة وصلت الراشدين وارهابيون يعرقلون عدة حافلات
Al-Sawaaghiyya:  This town is controlled by Trump’s rodents.  While over 75 buses carrying 5,000 citizens have made it all the way to Al-Raashideen Quarter in Western Aleppo City, another group was held up as they left Al-Faw’ah and Kafaryaa in violation of the agreement to evacuate the Damascene towns of Al-Zabadaani, Madhaayaa and Buqqeen.  Speculation abounds that Qatar is behind the glitches since the tiny desert emirate of cockroaches is desperate to free Qatari terrorists posing as diplomats in Iraq who were arrested by Iraqi militiamen.
This morning, a suicide driver belonging to Qatar-supported Nusra/Alqaeda blew himself up as he rammed  one bus carrying evacuees from Kafaryyaa and Al-Faw’ah.  Over 60 dead in the explosion.  We will try to get more information about this.
Cemeteries:  The SAA is always following the movements of ISIS hyenas.  As the terrorists were moving about in one of the small areas of the cemeteries which they still control, the SAA hit them with mortar-fire killing an estimated 11, one of whom was:
Safwaan ‘Abdul-Wahhaab Yaaseen (ISIS field commander)

Mu-Hassan:  Civilians clashed with ISIS terrorists killing many.  No other details available.

Faraj Area:  This is just south of the Airbase.  The SAA has successfully deloused this area as of this morning dealing another strategic blow to ISIS.  Fighting also reported in the Al-‘Urfi area of the city.
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