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It stands to reason that the town of Teebat Al-Imaam would be liberated after Sooraan was relieved of its terrorist burden. Forces are now gathering in the area of Mahardaa for the push on Hilfaayaa. The SAA is still trying to get the terrorists to leave the area for Idlib, but, without much luck so far. The Nusra/Alqaeda rodents know their fate is sealed and their commanders, now flush with new fighters from abandoned areas around Damascus, are unwilling to relinquish what they have in northern Hama. Essentially, they have given orders to fight to the last rat. I believe the SAA is trying to get citizens out of Hilfaayaa so the town can be vaporized by thermobaric bombs. You all saw what the Russian Air Force did on Souraan with that tape sent by Silvia. So you know what the plan is now, It is absolutely inconceivable that the rodents will allow citizens to leave any area.
The SAA is pushing Nusra/Alqaeda out of areas of Hilfaayaa where the vultures used to lob mortar shells at the citizens of Maharda. News reports from compromised news services about Alqaeda having regained what it lost to the SAA 2 days ago at Teebat Al-Imaam are patently fabricated nonsense. It’s just the opposite as the SAA is bracing to invade Hilfaayaa any hour now. There is a jumble of mutual-vilifications and invective infusing communications between rodent groups, each one accusing the other of incompetence in the face of enormous losses to government forces during the SAA’s campaign to eject these carriers of disease from Hama Province. The SAA has so far killed 233 rodents and wounded hundreds in the battle for Teebat Al-Imaam. It has also destroyed 2 ammunition depots, 6 tanks and an armored car from Turkey.
The last grouping of citizens has now left in 26 buses from Kafrayyaa and Al-Faw’ah to Western Aleppo, specifically government controlled Al-Raashideen. This area was selected as a destination because of the large number of empty apartments available for immediate tenancy. The other grouping made up of rodents from Madhaayaa, Sirghaayaa, Buqqeen and Al-Zabadaani have also arrived in Idlib Province – their final destination, so to speak. The people of the tourist areas in the mountains west of Damascus are elated with many former terrorists now either going back to a normal life or joining the popular militias whose role has been crucial, if not indispensable, in the fight against American-British-Saudi-Turkish terrorism.
One note about the name of the town just liberated. It is best pronounced “Teebat Al-Imaam” (The geniality of the Imaam). Some sites are miswriting it as “Tayyibat Al-Imaam” which makes no sense in Arabic. Just a note.
Another note: It appears that the most accurate way to spell Kafrayyaa is exactly that. The name is indistinguishable from the famous location in Mount Lebanon where one of Ziad’s favorite Araqs is produced: The Kafrayyaa Araq “Thrice Distilled”.
الجيش يتقدم نحو حلفايا ومحيط طيبة الإمام بريف حماه الشمالي
The evacuation of the two towns of Kafarayyaa and Al-Faw’ah devastated Saudi and Turk plans for northern Syria. Interestingly, it was Qatar which played a pivotal role in midwifing the exchange. Don’t think that the Qataris did this out of the goodness of their reptile hearts. They negotiated this deal in order to secure the release of 27 Qatari degenerates held by Iraqi Shi’ite militiamen who took these rodents hostage after they were found hunting in Southern Iraq. In order to obtain their release, Qatar had to engineer the evacuation of the citizens of the two towns in Hama. No doubt this left a bad taste in their mouths seeing that all they have done during the last 6 years has been to promote terrorism and brutality with their dirty loot.
At the United Nations, Nikki Haley, a WOG par excellence, is demonstrating the invincible stupidity of Trump’s mis-administration. Born to a Sikh family from Amritsar, Punjab, India, she has staked out a niche for herself among a pantheon of Republican weasels and what Shakespeare would have called “beetle-headed flap-eared knaves.” She is ignorant beyond belief and will redefine what imbecile Samantha Powers couldn’t quite do while representing the United States at the U.N.: make the people of America seem hopelessly bonded to intractable ignorance. She is so pro-Zionist that she is seen often spasmodically expectorating the chemically self-same toxins which used to fly out of Hillary Clinton’s maw. She has a brother who served as a chemical weapons “expert” with the U.S. Army. No doubt, his vast knowledge of using such weapons on innocent people has contributed to her constant caterwauling about Khaan Shaykhoon. She is a born liar.
Gov. Nikki Haley looks over a personalized PTR semi-automatic rife she was presented during a tour of the Aynor plant last year.
Nincompoop Haley seen in this photo brandishing her idea of “peaceful resolution of disputes”. This convert to Methodist Protestantism spends her life humiliating the otherwise fine people of Sikh India. Like Obama before her, she is deeply jealous of Dr. Assad’s bright blue eyes.
احباط محاولة تسلل لمسلحي داعش باتجاه إحدى النقاط العسكرية في محيط المقابر بدير الزور
ISIS tried to take over SAA positions in areas liberated around the Cemeteries in southern Dayr El-Zor but were stifled by a ferocious firestorm from Syrian Army regulars who had been given advance warning by citizens and army spotters. The SAA confirmed killing 5 rats and wounding scores who could be seen being transported hurriedly to some slimy field hospital. You might be interested to know that ISIS is relocating its administrative dung heap to this area from Al-Raqqa.
DER’AH:  Be advised that the Nusra/Alqaeda murderers supported by the Zionist Cannibal State are about to collapse. This is why the U.S., Jordan, Britain, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are moving at double time to put together a new army to battle for Southern Syria.  The Manshiyya Quarter is perilously close to falling into the liberating arms of the Syrian government’s military.  You can see this happening by the number of demonstrations inside Der’ah praising the army and celebrating the evacuation of Kafrayyaa and Al-Faw’ah, something that would have been unthinkable one month ago.
Dr. Assad expertly discusses the false flag at Khaan Shaykhoon with Sputnik News. (Thanks, Alexander Ajay):
Great article written with insight from the Washington Times sent to us by Walid:
Samer Hussein sends his translated article about the criminal French is this one from Fort Russ:

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