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USA War Plans: Destroy, Partition, Occupy and Control

Since the 1990s rape of Yugoslavia, US wars were waged to replace independent governments with pro-Western puppet ones.

Strategy involves raping, destroying, partitioning, occupying and controlling one country after another.

Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo is America’s largest European military base since the Vietnam War era – established for regional control, US bases in other war theaters for the same purpose.

Washington intends a permanent military presence in all its war theaters. The right-wing Brookings Institution’s policy paper laid out a strategy for Syria, applicable for other nations America attacked, titled “Deconstructing Syria: Towards a regionalized strategy for a confederated country.”

It’s a diabolical destroy, divide, partly occupy and control scheme – unknown to the public, unexplained by media scoundrels in a position to know what’s going on.

Other countries America attacked face the same possible diabolical fate, part of a grand plan to redraw the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia maps.

More wars are planned besides ongoing ones, millions more lives at risk, greater vast destruction than already.

Trillions of dollars are spent for Washington’s aim to achieve unchallenged global dominance, including homeland police state harshness and information control to quash dissent.

US regime change plans in Syria failed so far. Russia’s vital intervention at the behest of its government prevented Washington from controlling the entire country, including its capital Damascus, puppet rule replacing Assad. 

Objectives haven’t changed, just strategy, intending destruction of northern Syria, occupying, partitioning and controlling it – on the phony pretext of combating ISIS America created and supports, along with virtually all other terrorist groups in the region and elsewhere.

Thousands of US forces are in northern Iraq for the same purpose – destroying Mosul, not liberating it. Most area ISIS fighters were redeployed to Syria.

It’s unclear how many remain. It’s unknown how many US special forces and other combat troops operate in northern Iraq and Syria, or elsewhere in both countries.

According to Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon, “(i)n order to maintain tactical surprise, ensure operational security and force protection, the coalition will not routinely announce or confirm information about the capabilities, force numbers, locations, or movement of forces in or out of Iraq and Syria.”

Washington doesn’t want information revealed about the strength of its military presence, intention to increase it, or diabolical strategic plans – unrelated to combating ISIS or other terrorist groups.

Deployments and missions are permanent, not temporary, everything done secretly.  Officially, around 5,300 US forces are in Iraq, around 1,000 in Syria.

Actual troop strength may be much larger, likely greater numbers to be deployed.

In March 2016, Reuters said “(t)he United States has nearly finished setting up an air base in Kurdish-controlled northern Syria and was proceeding with the construction of a second base for dual military and civilian use” – construction illegal on occupied Syrian territory.

In congressional testimony, CENTCOM commander General Joseph Votel said “as we continue our military objectives in Syria, we are going to need more direct all-weather fire support capability for our Syrian…partners.”

Translation: Greater numbers of US combat troops will be deployed to northern Syria to aid anti-government terrorists seize and control territory, permanently separating it from Damascus control if things go as planned.

Days earlier, Sergey Lavrov expressed concern about continued foreign support for al-Nusra terrorists in Syria.

Evidence shows Washington and its allies are “us(ing) al-Nusra and the IS (ISIS) to weaken and finally overthrow” Assad, despite comments claiming otherwise.

Strategy appears to be destroying, partitioning and occupying northern Syria first, likely later again pursuing regime change.

Washington wants control over the entire country, Iran isolated, ahead of a similar strategy to replace its government with a pro-Western puppet one, giving America and Israel unchallenged regional dominance if successful.

Imperialism is dirty business – nations raped and destroyed to achieve objectives. Millions of casualties and unspeakable human suffering go unreported.

Media scoundrels ignore what demands explaining. Most Americans and Europeans have no idea about their governments’ diabolical plans.

They’re pursuing a world unsafe and unfit to live in, nightmarish ruler/serf societies enforced by police state harshness if successful – a pure evil agenda.

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