Friday, 12 May 2017

Armed Groups in Syria Are in Their Worst Condition: Nasrallah

BEIRUT, (ST)- Hizbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah has stressed that the armed groups in Syria are in their worst condition, pointing out that the Syrian Arab army and its allies have the upper hand in the ongoing confrontation with the terrorist organizations.
Nasrallah was speaking during a ceremony held on Thursday by Hizbollah marking the first martyrdom anniversary of the Resistance commander Sayyed Mustafa Badreddine (Zulfikar).
He affirmed that Hizbollah backs the Syrian leadership in the war on terrorism and that Syria, Russia, Iran and other allies are now more harmonious than ever  from the political, military and security point of view.
He said that accusing Hezbollah of seeking demographic changes in Syria is baseless and is part of instigation against the party and Syria, explaining that the foreign-backed groups themselves are behind the demographic changes in several Syrian towns and cities.
Hezbollah Secretary General reiterated the party went to Syria in a clear and specific mission which is to help the Syrian army defeat the takfiri groups that seek undermining Syria. It is not there to achieve any gains, he added.
Nasrallah denied all the media reports which say that Hezbollah rejects the truce agreements brokered by Russia in Astana and Geneva, asserting that the party adopts all the decisions taken by the Syrian leadership and supports all the measures that can stop bloodshed in Syria.
According to al-Manar TV website, Nasrallah said that after securing Lebanon eastern border with Syria, Hezbollah decided to dismantle all its military positions on the Lebanese side and keep a modest deployment on the Syrian side.
On the situation in the barrens of the eastern Lebanese border town of Arsal, where terrorists from ISIL and al-Nusra Front takfiri groups are deployed, Nasrallah said Hezbollah is ready to “communicate with the Syrian authorities to return the biggest number of refugees to their villages in Syria.”
“We call on the Lebanese political forces who might have contacts with the militants in Arsal’s outskirts to help and cooperate in order to evacuate them from the area,”  Nasrallah said.
He addressed the militants in Arsal barrens, saying that their conditions can never let them emerge victorious from any battle and calling on them to accept the proposed settlement.
Commenting on the Zionist entity’s decision to build a high cement fence on the Palestinian-Lebanese border on the anniversary of the Nakba, Nasrallah said that such a measure unveils Israel’s fragile security strategy and indicates that Lebanon has defeated Israel and foiled  “The Great Israel’ project as the Zionist entity is afraid of any war with Hezbollah.
Nasrallah saluted the steadfastness of the Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli jails who have been on a hunger strike over the past 25 days and urged continuous solidarity with the prisoners. He condemned the silence of the Arab League and regimes, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the United Nations and the Security Council about the Israeli occupation’s oppressive and inhuman policies against the Palestinians.
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