Thursday, 18 May 2017

Breaking: Iraqi forces liberate strategic airbase in west Mosul

BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:00 P.M.) – The pro-government Popular Mobilization Forces (Hashd Al-Sha’abi) continued their Al-Qaiwaran offensive, Thursday, targeting the strategic Sahel Sinjar Airbase that was under the control of the Islamic State (ISIL) forces.
Within hours of launching their assault, the Popular Mobilization Forces asserted full control over the Sahel Sinjar Airbase, forcing the remaining Islamic State terrorists in the area to retreat northeast.
The capture of the Sahel Sinjar Airbase, today, puts the Iraqi forces in position to liberate the remaining territory in Al-Qairawan that is still under the control of the Islamic State terrorists.
Al-Qairawan is incredibly important to the Iraqi Armed Forces because of its proximity to the Islamic State stronghold of Tal ‘Afar, which is located near both Mosul and the Syrian border-crossing into Al-Hasakah.

Iraqi militia teams up with Iraqi Airforce in advance against ISIS towards Syrian border

BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:28 PM) – The Iraqi pro-government forces of the militia Al-Nujaba have reportedly made new gains against the Islamic State (ISIS), as they took control over several villages in Iraqs border region, moving towards Syria.
While the Iraqi Ground Forces are currently securing the last pockets of the Islamic state in the latters former bastion Mosul in north Iraq, the forces of Al-Nujaba already aim to push ISIS out of the northwestern parts of the country.
Reports claim, that in their latest advances towards Al-Qaywaran the pro-gouvernment forces were able to liberate 4 villages. With those under their control, the first phase of this operation, whith the ultimate goal of freeing Al-Qaywaran, is completed.
With Al-Qaywaran still some 17 km away, the next step in their efforts, will be for the militia to seize control of the Thura airbase and Al-Ba´aj from the Islamic State. If they succeed, they will have layed the ground to finally claim back the important town of Al-Qaywaran from the terrorist group.
In addition the Iraqi Airforce took it’s bite from ISIS forces. The Iraqi AirForce Command confirmed that around 50 fighters of the Islamic state have been killed in a row of airstrikes on six different local headquartes of the Islamic state in Iraq. The headquarters were located in the regions of Tal Afar, Al Ba´aj and Qaywaran.
With the last days of the Islamic State in Mosul counted, Iraq also seeks to secure it’s border with Syria. This would further impede formers already crippled economy, which heavily relies on smuggling through the various porous borders of the region.

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