Friday, 19 May 2017

Donald Trump, Mohammad Bin Salman Most Dangerous Men on Planet: Patrick Cockburn

LONDON, (ST)- British writer Patrick Cockburn has said that US President Donald Trump and the Defense Minister of the Saudi regime Mohammed bin Salman are the “the most dangerous men on planet” because of their reckless and aggressive stances and policies based on interference on other countries’ affairs.
In an article published by “The Independent” British newspaper, Cockburn said “many people view Donald Trump as the most dangerous man on the planet, but next week he flies to Saudi Arabia for a three-day visit during which he will meet a man who surely runs him a close second as a source of instability”.  “This is the Saudi deputy crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, 31 – the de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia since his father King Salman, 81, is incapacitated by old age – who has won a reputation for impulsiveness, aggression and poor judgement in the two-and-half years he has held power, ” according to Cockburn.
The British writer clarified that Bin Salman has repeatedly pushed towards further intervention in Syria and sought stepping up Saudi aggression on Yemen.
Cockburn stressed the close connection linking between Saudi Arabia and the United States, noting the common interests of the U.S. and the Saudi regime under the Trump’s administration in addition to the American constant support for the Saudi aggression on Yemen, not to mention the several arms deals signed to import US weapons to the Saudi regime despite international criticism.
The Saudi regime and the United States have been the main supporters of terrorist organizations in Syria and the region through their keenness on funding, training and arming terrorists and ensuring political cover to the terrorist groups’ crimes. They supported and funded the establishment of training camps for the terrorists in Turkey and Jordan.
Despite promises made by Trump during his election campaign in which he vowed not to interfere in other countries’ affairs and in which he stressed that his focus will be on fighting Deash, Trump on April 7 ordered the bombardment of al-Shairat  airbase in Homs countryside. The missile attack claimed the lives of several people.
Moreover, the international coalition led by Washington under the pretext of fighting Daesh continues to commit crimes in Syria and Iraq.

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