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What the pictures don’t tell you is that the dead babies in the arms of the putative terrorist father are not his babies.  In fact, we don’t know whose babies they are.  They were probably killed by the psychopaths of Alqaeda telling their parents that the kids were going to a “better place”.  The acting was pretty decent for a thug.  Donald Trump, the illustrious president of the U.S., was probably shown this series of photos before he decided to make an ass of himself by bombing a backwater airbase in Eastern Homs.  And the band plays on. 
The Saudis and Qataris, two of the most simian-like Ayraabs of the Peninsula, who have squandered billions of dollars to bankroll terrorism in Iraq and Syria, are at a critical juncture.  The entire war was ignited out of rage at President Bashar Al-Assad’s unwillingness to grant Qatar the right to extend a gas pipeline across Arabia to the Syrian coast, while, he, on the other hand, concluded a deal to permit Iran to build a similar pipeline across Iraq to the Syrian littoral.  The Arabians viewed this as another crypto-Shi’ite plot to undermine Sunni hegemony in the Mashriq.  They would have none of it and began coordinating their mayhem with former (and disgraced) U.S. ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford, in order to spark an insurrection against Assad and the Ba’ath Party using in-place saboteurs whose training goes back to 2007.  The complexities of starting such a rebellion do not concern us in this essay.  We have dwelt on the subject many times in previous posts.  We have reached a new and pivotal point in the evolution of the war which requires analysis.
At Astana IV, sponsoring countries, Russia, Iran, Turkey, signed a memorandum guaranteeing the establishment of “de-escalation zones”.  I’ve told you before, in fact, three days ago ,  that the term “de-escalation” is tolerably similar to “no-fly”.  It was selected so that your editor would not be offended.  Whatever the case, it would seem to the uninitiated, that the opposition has finally got what it wanted – an area where the Syrian Air Force would not be permitted to bomb terrorists.  But, that’s not what is happening.
The parties to the actual agreement, not the guarantors, are the Syrian Central Government, NACOSROF (National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces), Jaysh Al-Islam (Saudi Arabia) and legal domestic opposition parties.   NACOSROF was a curiosity only because it had zero influence on the ground and had to rely on Saudi Arabia’s and Qatar’s shadow to guide it during the proceedings.  It is impossible to comprehend the character of the opposition without factoring in the chimpanzee-like presence of the Ayraab ragheads.
Lt. Gen. ‘Ali ‘Abdullah Ayyoob, Chief of the Syrian General Staff, is greeted by Iranian Defense Minister, Hussayn Dhihqaan.  Gen. Ayyoob was accompanied by several high-ranking officers from the General Staff.  (Photo: AFB)
The parties who were negotiating a cessation of hostilities were the guarantors.  Only Turkey, among the three,  was opposed to the continuing rule of Dr. Assad and his administration.  But, the Turks relented and were persuaded to swim along with the current.  The Turks are about to get booted out of any possibility of joining the EU as has been suggested openly by the Belgian Foreign Minister.  Be that as it may, Erdoghan’s recent power-grab during a referendum on the constitution, his purge of over 200,000 citizens from their jobs, his persistent pecking at the fabric of free speech in the country, have all soured Europeans on Turkey’s joining the EU.  It would be a sorry consolation prize to bid the U.K. farewell only to gain the membership of an authentic tyranny like that of Turkey’s.  In this backdrop, Ankara was talking turkey with the Russians and Iranians.  As an added boost to Erdoghan’s pretensions, the elections in France may also herald Frexit if Marine Le Pen succeeds to the Elysee Palace, or, at a minimum garners sufficient votes to bestow upon her unprecedented credibility.  Erdoghan has been convinced by Iran and Russia to accept Dr. Assad’s rule even if he gains another term after democratic elections.  With Europe shrugging its shoulders, Sultan Erdoghan had no choice but to look East.
Erdoghan has other problems with the West.  The Americans insist on embracing Kurdish fighters in order to give Trump his newest credit, the liberation of Al-Raqqa, ISIS’ last major base in Syria.  It was precisely this subject that was brought up by Trump during his telephone conversation with Putin on Tuesday.  Putin knew Trump and his coterie of nincompoops in Washington were relishing the prospect of ejecting ISIS from this city so close to one of Syria’s most important power sources, the Tabqa Dam.  According to my source in Washington D.C., the neo-Con plot was to use the victory at Raqqa to improve the position of the Kurdish fighters thus allowing them to declare their version of a rump state capable geographically of halting the extension of the Iranian gas pipeline.  But, that’s because the neo-Cons, typically, don’t understand the Middle East.  They just don’t understand that the Kurds cannot and will not offend Iran.  With Turkey seething to the north, the last thing the Kurds need is an even angrier Iran and an Iraq dependent on Teheran.  It’s just a no-win situation for the United States and the Kurds.
But, here, you can smell the pungent odor of Arabian money.  Qatar will pay billions to have its pipeline extend through Kurdish-controlled eastern Syria up all the way through Turkey to Europe.  So, when Putin discussed the U.S. role in Astana, he knew the outlines of the neo-Con stratagem.  He used it skillfully to get Trump to send an American diplomat to the Kazakh capital and to agree to the creation of “de-escalation zones”.  Trump agreed to the conditions that all air forces be prohibited from flying in these zones although it’s not all that clear yet whether Trump will adhere to the agreement.  Russia has insisted on no aircraft flying in designated zones.  But, even the Zionist rodents have declared their non-adherence to such restrictions, a position that may eventually soothe American hard feelings since they can use Zionist aircraft to accomplish American goals in Syria.  In exchange for American agreement to the creation of these zones, Putin promised Trump that Russia and Syria would not interfere with the U.S.’s maneuverings around Raqqa knowing the American plan would flop.
The Russians do not believe there is a political solution to the Syrian war.  They may have in the beginning, but, later events disabused them of any such fantasies.  The realization that the most powerful terrorist groups will not accept a negotiated solution has led to Putin’s new stratagem based on several factors:  the first is that Trump appears to be sincere about crushing ISIS.  Unlike Obama, whose criminal mind was set on overthrowing Dr. Assad, Trump seems to be ambiguous about the good doctor in Damascus.  Neo-cons can carp all they like about Assad being some kind of dictator committed to wiping out the Zionist Obscenity, yet, Trump seems to be more inclined to accept such personages;  witness his admiration for Putin, Le Pen, Duterte.  Hence, Putin has gambled on his impression of Trump as a man with whom he can do business.
Both Trump and Putin agree that they have to find a way to distinguish the good terrorists from the bad.  This is a troubling shibboleth for Saudi Arabia, the Zionist Entity and Qatar who don’t care about such distinctions.  Putin, however, thinks that if he can get the Americans to act rationally and help the good actors to wipe out the most evil of the cannibals, he will have advanced markedly in his struggle to keep Russia out of new foreign adventures.  Putin reckons that once ISIS, Hay`at Tahreer Al-Shaam and Alqaeda/Nusra have been eradicated, it would be a matter of a short time before the other groups could be exterminated, groups like Jaysh Al-Islam, Faylaq Al-Rahmaan, FSA Southern Front, inter alia.
But, Putin also knows that the American president is mercurial, fickle, easy to persuade.  He is traveling soon to meet the Saudi vultures in Riyaadh,  Zionist creatures in Tel Aviv and, perhaps, the Egyptians in Cairo.  There, he will be inundated with arguments why Alqaeda/Nusra is indispensible to U.S. interests.  Zionists will take him aside and reveal why the Qatari pipeline is in America’s best interest, id est.: that American influence in Europe will diminish radically if Europe starts to feel the pinch of reliance on Russian and Iranian fuel.  Trump is a political imbecile incapable of thinking for himself.  He might actually fall for this line of argument and backtrack on his promises to Putin.
We don’t think he will.  Trump may be on the threshold of realizing that the U.S. has been supporting Alqaeda for the last 5 years, the same Alqaeda which brought down his Twin Towers on 9/11 in the city of his birth.  We predict he will resist any effort to sway him in the direction of continuing Obama’s legacy of murder and outrage.  We even believe he will be astonished to learn that his beloved Zionist Ghetto State is openly involved in supporting Alqaeda on the Golan Heights and Southern Syria.  Let’s see how that plays out.  I’m not sure yet that this president has enough substance to make meaningful political choices.
Putin along with Dr. Assad and Iranian allies have been methodically clearing out areas of Western Syria, either through negotiation or sheer force, and sending the remnant terrorists to Idlib Province where they are concentrating.  Right now, the Damascene suburb of Barza is being cleared out in the same way Madhaayaa, Buqqeen, Al-Zabadaani were a month ago.   By initiating this program, the Syrian Army has been increasingly freed to pursue other, more important areas in Syria.  When the SAA tried to convince Jaysh Al-Islam to surrender positions in the Eastern Ghoutaa and go to Idlib, Saudi Arabian weasels in Jordan (MOK) were scorching the stratosphere with threats to cut off funds and support to Jaysh Al-Islam.  Abu Hammaam Al-Buwaydhaani, its leader,  was quick to reject any such offer from the SAA even though he knew that the razor was getting too close to his throat.  (As a note, the Syrian Army has just liberated Al-Qaaboon in Damascus and Al-Zalaaqiyyaat in Northern Hama.)
With the “de-escalation zones” in place, the Astana Accord permits all parties to attack ISIS, Alqaeda/Nusra and Hay`at Tahreer Al-Shaam.  If the agreement holds up for the allotted 6 months, Russia will have transported thousands of tons of new equipment to the Syrian Army and, most importantly, will have  completed SAA training on it.  This will be crucial to the final push against remaining organs of Wahhabist influence in Syria.  Now that the Syrian loyalist forces are in excess of 500,000 fighters, Damascus will have the power to clean up the country by itself without the help of Russia or Iran.  In essence, this was the situation before the advent of Jabhat Al-Nusra (Front for Assistance) when it was clear that defectors, volunteers and other riff-raff were insufficiently meager to dislodge Dr. Assad much less defeat the Syrian Army.
Today, I took note that the MSM was reporting on SAA violations of the agreement to reduce violence.  They reported that the Syrian Army had kicked out the terrorists from Al-Zalaaqiyyaat in Northern Hama.  What they would not publish was that the terrorists were members of Nusra/Alqaeda which is specifically excluded from the de-escalation zones.  This does not stop the lying and misreporting of events.  You can expect more of this kind of sleazy reportage in the next few weeks while forces aligned with terrorism, like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Zionist Abomination, expend every effort to sabotage the Astana Accord.
By the looks of it, Defense Minister Dhihqaan appears to be elated by events at Astana.  The Iranian government now shares Russia’s instinctual sense of victory.  No matter who wins the presidential elections, history suggests that any new leader in Teheran will be either as supportive or more than Rouhaani of the Iranian role in Syria.  It would have been nice to see Ahmadi-Nejad back in office, to be sure, but, that is not in the cards anymore.  However, as time wears on in the battlefield, there is no hint that Iran has grown weary of its support.  This has given rise to a new kind of alliance, an alliance of the sanctioned.  This is not the BRICS axis with its very refined focus on economic power, it is an axis built out of confrontation with the West.  Whether it’s Ukraine, Crimea or Syria, Russia is being subjected to an inventory of sanctions which it has resisted remarkably for years.  In Iran, it’s an old wound from the Khomeini revolution, support for Hizbollah, a nuclear and missile program and an adversarial relationship with pre-feudal Saudi Arabia that has prevented Iran from enjoying all the fruits of a compradorist role in the Gulf.  Syria, too, has been sanctioned, its banks forced to employ subterfuge, its airlines denied ordinary spare parts, its pharmaceutical companies prevented from manufacturing much-needed medicine by American-and-British supplied explosives.  These three nations have not only tolerated the infliction of such deprivation, they have conquered it.
Russia is no third world country, its armaments industry outshining America’s.  Iran is no slacker either.  Its missile manufacturing capabilities so extensive no sane American admiral would challenge it in the Persian Gulf lest he see the U.S. Fleet moored in Bahrein go up in a ball of fire.  Syria, once thought to be some second-rate banana plantation for the Saudis, has turned out to be a muscular regional power capable of confronting the most complex international plot to effectuate regime change in the history of the world.
Russia has now outmaneuvered the United States in the Levant.  Using its massive shoulders, it has nudged out U.S. neo-con freaks, effete French bunglers and clueless British boors, forcing them to watch events over which they have no influence any longer.   As the cities of Syria watch terrorists depart on green buses to the sounds of raspberries, only to relocate in Idlib, which will be their graveyard, the long, patient, deliberate exercise of diplomacy and military power wielded by Russia, Syria and Iran is paying historically important dividends.
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