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Syrian Army Within 20 km of Al-Tanaf Controlled by US-led Forces on Syria-Iraq Border

Global Research, May 21, 2017
South Front 19 May 2017

According to reports, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies continued their advance on Al-Tanaf and managed to take positions in about 20 km away from the town controlled by US-led forces on the Syrian-Iraqi border.
The SAA also captured the Khabrat Zarkaa area south of the Damascus-Baghdad road. Kharbat Zarrkkaa is located about 50 km from the al-Tanf border crossing. According to pro-government sources, Russian Su-30 fighters escorted government forces in the area.
A rough map of the situation:
According to some opposition sources, the US informed Jaish al-Thawrah in Al-Tanf two days ago that it will be transferred to a another area in order to avoid conflict with the SAA.
According to pro-government sources, there was a US-Russian agreement on the deployment of Syrian forces 15 km from Al-Tanf which would be handed over to the SAA after negotiations.
There are reports that the US may establish a base south of Deir Ezzor and transfer Jaish al-Thawrah to it. By this the SAA will be able to open the Damascus – Baghdad road.
At the same time the US-led coalition and the Syrian Free Army can continue the military operation towards the town of Al Bukamal in the Deir Ezzor countryside.
Some of these reports look questionable and can be confirmed only by developments on the ground.

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