Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Assad: US President ‘Is Only a Performer’

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In America these days everything is centered around fakery–fake news in the mainstream media, duplicitous statements by politicians, hypocrisy about championing “democracy” while making trade deals with Saudi Arabia and sending billions in aid to apartheid Israel. In a recent interview with an Indian TV channel, Syrian President Bashar Assad made a rather perceptive comment on contemporary America, asserting that the US president is nothing more than a “performer.”
The problem in the United States is about the whole political system, it’s not about one person. Trump’s election has proven again, for us, again and again, that the president is only a performer, he’s not a decision-maker. He’s part of different lobbies and the deep state or the deep regime as we can call it, who implement and dictate on the president what should he be doing, and the proof to what I’m saying is that Trump after he became president, he swallowed most of the promises and the words that he was boasting during his campaign. He made a 180 turn in nearly every promise. So, why? Because the deep state wouldn’t allow him to go in a certain direction. That’s why for me dealing with him as a person, it could be, but can that person deliver? No. In the United States, the president cannot deliver, the whole state, the deep state only is the one who can deliver, and this is the problem. This deep state doesn’t accept partners around the world; they only accept puppets, and they only accept followers, they only accept proxies, that’s what they accept, and we’re not any of these.
Amazing that a man who heads a government the US is currently trying to overthrow seems to have far more insight into who really holds the reins of power in America than the average American. A video and transcript of Assad’s full interview are available here.

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