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Hezbollah Flags Waved, «Israeli» Flags Burnt at London Embassy Protest

Hezbollah Flags Waved, «Israeli» Flags Burnt at London Embassy Protest
Scores of demonstrators vented their anger at new security measures at the al-Aqsa Mosque in al-Quds [Jerusalem]. Hezbollah flags were waved and “Israeli” flags were burned outside the “Israeli” entity’s London embassy over the weekend.
"Israeli" flag being burned in a UK protest
The Kensington protest on Saturday was organized by a group called Palestinian Forum in Britain to counter “‘Israeli’ aggression in Jerusalem [al-Quds]” after the apartheid “Israeli” regime introduced metal detectors following the killing of two policemen on 14 July.
Videos of the London protest, posted online by both Palestinian and “Israeli” supporters, show a group of young men seizing an “Israeli” flag, running away down the street with it, and later setting fire to it with a blowtorch.
Press Attaché Yiftah Curiel tweeted that the protesters were “sick” and “thugs” for “cheering on the bloodshed”.
Saturday’s event was one of a series of flare-ups around the world, with protests in Turkey, Jordon, Malaysia and Lebanon, as Muslim communities reacted to the apartheid entity’s new measures at one of Islam’s holiest sites.
In the Irish city of Derry, residents held a silent protest for Palestinians in Gaza, in which they lit a candle and shared a message of solidarity for Gaza’s population, who last month had their electricity supplies cut further.
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