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ISIS Commanders Committing Suicide In Mosul As Iraqi Army Advance
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According to Iraqi sources, a number of ISIS commanders and fighters have committed suicide by blowing up their explosive belts in the Old Mosul area in order to prevent the Iraqi Army from capturing them.
From its side, Iraqi forces have continued securing the right part of Old Mosul. Iraqi forces have killed a large number of ISIS snipers and commanders, including the Saudi national commander Abu Hafsa, the adviser of al-Baghdadi Ayed al-Jumaili and the ISIS governor of Ninawa Province, Abu Ahmad al-Iraqi.
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 commander (Saudi citizen) Abu Hafsa killed when he tried to flee from  Old city to east Mosul by crossing the Tigris river.
Separately, Iraqi forces have deployed a defensive line on the eastern bank of the Tigris River to prevent any ISIS fighters from escaping to the left side of Mosul City.
Iraqi sources announced that the Iraqi Army has finally evacuated most of the civilians from Old Mosul and that all the remaining women or men are fighters and members of ISIS terrorist organization.
From its side, the ISIS-linked News Agency Amaq said that all the remaining fighters in Old Mosul have given “pledge of allegiance until death” to the Caliphate.
ISIS appears to be encouraging its fighters in Mosul to commit suicide so that they are not caught and provide the Iraqi security forces with sensitive information.
The Iraqi Joint Operations Room announced that the Federal Police achieved all their goals in Mosul City. Iraqi forces are now searching homes for the remaining ISIS snipers and commanders to capture or kill them. And the operations to secure the city are expected to end in the coming hours.
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