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Syria Breaking News: Tiger Forces begin major offensive to liberate Sukhnah from ISIS via Raqqa


  1. Tiger Forces begin major offensive to liberate Sukhnah from ISIS via Raqqa

  2. Pro-Syria forces achieve major advance against ISIS in east Hama

Tiger Forces begin major offensive to liberate Sukhnah from ISIS via Raqqa

BEIRUT, LEBANON (11:45 A.M.) – Confirmatory reports have come in announcing the start of the week-long awaited operation by the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) elite Tiger Forces, alongside other pro-government outfits, to liberate the strategic town of al-Sukhnah from ISIS.
The offensive began with the Tiger Forces storming ISIS positions south of the town of Resafa in Raqqa Governonate. The elite SAA formation will, with the support of other pro-government groups, drive south via Raqqa Governonate into Homs Governonate and assault the ISIS-held town of Sukhnah from the northern direction.
ISIS positions around the town of al-Sukhnah are also being threatened from the western direction as pro-government forces, led by the SAA’s 5th Assault Corps, push eastwards along the Homs to Deir Ezzor Highway.
The town of al-Sukhnah is the Islamic State’s last stronghold in Homs Governonate. It is also the terrorist group’s last line of defense between pro-government forces and the strategic city of Deir Ezzor.

UPDATE: Tiger Forces liberate key sites from ISIS within hours of Raqqa-Homs offenisive start

BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:55 P.M.) – Within hours of commencing their operation to liberate the ISIS-held town of al-Sukhnah via a southwards drive from Raqqa Governonate, the elite Tiger Forces of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) – supported by other pro-government outfits – have already taken a number of key sights from the terrorist group.
So far the Tiger Forces, since storming ISIS positions south of Resafa, have managed to capture a number of key oil well areas from the terrorist group along the road to al-Sukhnah, including B’ir Aykawi, B’ir al-Ataw, B’ir al-Znati and B’ir Houran.
Also, it is worth mentioning that there are reports that pro-government formations, including the Tiger Forces, captured two villages from the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) north of Resafa. This has proven to be untrue.
Updates to follow.

BREAKING: Pro-Syria forces achieve major advance against ISIS in east Hama

BEIRUT, LEBANON (2:15 P.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), led by the Desert Hawks paramilitary group and further supported by the National Defence Forces (NDF) and Palestinian Liwa al-Quds Brigade, advanced this morning against ISIS in the countryside of eastern Hama.
Pro-government forces succeeded in liberating the villages of Um Tuwaynah, al-Hardaneh and al-Qatshiyah, which are located directly south of the Salamiyah-Ethriyah Highway and northeast of the village of Mabujah.
In liberating these three aforementioned villages, the SAA and its allies secured most of the highway linking Salamiyah to Ethriyah from ISIS. Prior to the advance, it had been the case that the terrorist group was able to launching raiding attacks on the road and fire mortars and anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM) at vehicles which passed along it.
This most recent set of gains by pro-government forces today now puts them in a position to strike further south towards the village of Salbah and then on to the strategic town of Aqriybat.
It has been around two weeks now since pro-government forces, spearheaded by key formations such as the Desert Hawks Brigade and 5th Assault Corps, began their offensive to liquidate the ISIS bastion in east Hama, the terrorist group’s final stronghold in central Syria.
Whilst no breakthrough-style advance has been made yet, pro-government forces continue to make modest gains, chipping away at the daunting, intertwined network of defenses set before them by the terrorist group.
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