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Hezbollah’s Drone Frightens the Zionists: It’s Only a Prelude to a Massive Aerial Attack Force

Hezbollah’s Drone Frightens the Zionists: It’s Only a Prelude to a Massive Aerial Attack Force

With each new military achievement recorded by Hezbollah in its war against terrorism in Syria, the level of anxiety and tension rises among the Zionists in anticipation of the next confrontation with the resistance.

Hezbollah drone

In this context, the “Israeli” media was highly attentive and fearful of the scenes involving an unmanned drone unveiled by the resistance as it bombed the positions of the Daesh terror organization in the western Qalamoun outskirts. They warned that what is being displayed is only a prelude to an air force with extensive offensive capabilities on the part of Hezbollah, which would alter the balance of power in any future war.
In this regard, Zionist commentators and experts expressed deep concern about the images of the drone displayed by Hezbollah. KAN TV channel said “the scenes show extraordinary capabilities. Although Hezbollah’s attacks were directed at Daesh targets, but there is certainly an “Israeli” follow-up to the operations of Hezbollah.”
The channel added “it is not the first time Hezbollah has shown that it possesses such capabilities. But the use of this weapon at this time after the declaration of a cease-fire in the south west of Syria adds to the growing fears in “Israel” of the security reality, which is forming in Syria that provides freedom of action to Iran and Hezbollah.”
The channel quoted the head of the security studies program at the University of Tel Aviv, Major General Yitzhak Ben “Israel”, as saying: “these images are certainly more helpful to Hezbollah in the psychological war. Tel Aviv did not agree at any time and will not agree in the future to any intensive Iranian presence in Syria because this is a direct threat to us,” noting that “they are addressing this matter through all means, including diplomatic means.”
The channel’s correspondent in the north of Occupied Palestine, Ruby Hammerschlag, said “the images that were displayed reinforce the perception that next time we will face Hezbollah on a completely different scale than we did in 2006. We will confront a more trained Hezbollah with different equipment,” adding that “Hezbollah is no longer an organization but an army in every sense of the word. In the “Israeli” army, they are well aware of this. The scenes presented by Hezbollah have had an impact on the residents of the north, who cannot confront this aerial threat and have been in the past years afraid of the tunnels on the northern border, if there were any.”
For his part, military commentator for Channel 10 Alon Ben David said: “what we’ve seen is an unmanned aircraft flying at a high altitude at a rather slow speed, throwing mortar shells, which is not the best Iranian technology, because the Iranians and Hezbollah have more sophisticated attack aircraft.”
“What has been displayed is only the first step to an important Hezbollah air force, which combines surveillance with offensive capabilities,” Ben David said. “This display of force should not be underestimated.”
The Maariv daily reported that senior Zionist officers admitted to the tense situation at the Lebanese border and the erosion of “Israel’s” deterrence against Hezbollah.
Source: Al-Ahed
23-08-2017 | 08:21
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