Friday, 18 August 2017

‘Israeli’ Company Head To Head with Hezbollah in Social Media Wars

Fearing the list of advised equipments Hezbollah supporters suggested the ‘Israelis’ will need in the next war, an ‘Israeli’ web-design company involved itself in a social media war against the resistance movement.
The company, based in Kiryat Shmona, to the north of occupied Palestine, launched an online campaign against Hezbollah resistance movement after social media activists threatened ‘Israel’ that “the next war is approaching.”
Social Media War
‘Your ships will be attacked with rockets’
Social Media War
Sneakers ‘for a quick escape’
Last week, Hezbollah supporters mounted on social media a campaign entitled ‘Time for the Victory’ in which ‘Israelis’ are cynically advised about “equipment you should have for the next war.”
Social Media War
‘To keep your composure’
Social Media War
‘Ammonia plants are attacked with rockets’
The pictures of the equipment include, inter alia, relaxation pills “in order to keep your composure”, sneakers “for a quick escape”, gas masks for when “ammonia plants are attacked with rockets” and a torch for when “electricity plants are attacked with rockets.”
Social Media War
‘For when electricity plants are attacked with rockets’
The campaign sparked responses in the Zionist entity, including one from the company Web Yourself, which responded with its own Hebrew and Arabic offensive entitled: “What awaits Hezbollah in the next war.”
Social Media War
‘Our rockets will teach you that no dome will rise above Palestine, only the Dome of the Rock’
Social Media War
‘Our rockets will destroy your ships. The sea will bear witness to that’
Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team
18-08-2017 | 13:28
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