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I am sitting at my desk watching the spectacle of a Citgo Station across the street being forcibly changed to a British Petroleum outlet.  You know how I feel about the British, and, in point of fact, I always filled up at Citgo because I knew it was a Venezuelan company.  Idiot Trump has ordered all Citgo stations to close immediately and they have started.  The imbecile at the White House has just given Venezuela to Russia or China – on a silver plate, of course – the same exact way G.W. Bush handed Iraq over to Iran.  It is now very clear that Trump has gone insane.
Witness also the inevitability of confrontation now in Syria. It is true, the U.S. has aborted all efforts to unseat Dr. Assad.  But, it has redoubled the project to turn Syria into a crazy-quilt of statelets, some loyal to the U.S., and some, grudgingly loyal to Moscow.  Let me disabuse Trump of the idea that such a plan has any chance of working and let me openly warn the Kurds that they are playing with the lives of their own people in a manner that can only be described as reckless, self-destructive and idiotic.
There will be no Kurdish state carved out of Syria, and it’s not because the Kurds have little history in northern Syria.  It’s because their movement is backed by the U.S. and an extension of the Zionist plan to survive in the Near East, a plan that is, as the late Dr. George Habash wrote, “inherently self-contradictory”.  Benjamin Franklin said something even worse.
Trump’s Zionist plan is doomed to utter failure because the U.S. cannot get any regional support for it.  Turkey is perfervidly opposed to anything suggesting a Kurdish state abutting its borders with Anatolia, a region already on fire with Kurdish nationalism.  Iran is just as apprehensive about such a project because, as I wrote, the scheme is the work of the United States influenced by the Zionist Apartheid State.  Syria is obviously adverse to it because it foresees the dismantling of Post-WW1 Syria and represents a state built on collusion with the most vicious enemy of the Arab people, the Slav-rooted ersatz Jews with their inbuilt crypto-Nazi ethos of superiority.
The Kurds are banking on the mutually destructive power of both the Russian Federation and the U.S.  They have been told by several American military advisors that the decision has been made to “adhere” to the plan and that there will be no repetition of Operation Desert Storm One where Shi’ite fighters were encouraged to fight Saddam only to find the U.S. abandoning them to him and his army after the war was over.  The Kurds have been told there would be no abandonment of their cause because they are the new linchpin of American strategy in the Near/Middle East.  That has, apparently, pleased them.  The U.S. has also sought to enlist the aid of local Arabs and Syriacs in the northeastern part of Syria by paying handsome salaries, a tactic employed successfully by the toxic British with the simian Arabians during the war against the Ottoman Empire.
As the mostly-Kurd militia of the inaptly named, Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) slug their way into Al-Raqqa so that Trump can trumpet his great military victory, they are also pointedly moving into eastern Dayr El-Zor Province where they may find themselves exchanging artillery fire with the Syrian Army and its allies.  This is how world wars start.
Let us think of Trump’s “Art of the Deal” and consider this one proposal as a corollary:
Can Trump also write the “Art of the Bluff”?  At what point will Trump push on with a plan to set up his fantasy Kurdish kingdom in northeast Syria while Turks, Iranians, Syrians, Iraqis, Lebanese are pushing even harder to undermine it?
When will U.S. jets bomb indigenous Syrian forces to prevent the inevitable rout of their fledgling Kurd militia?  And if American bombers strike Syrian forces, will the Russians interdict?  Or is Putin also bluffing?  If he’s not bluffing, and the U.S. and Russia face off in Syria, how much longer will it be before the two sides start moving to DefCon 5?  If anything ends Trump’s career, it will be just one miscalculation in Syria.
And how many crises can Trump handle? 
We are watching the U.S. prove, once again, that Americans cannot learn from history.  Trump is actually sending more forces to Afghanistan to “beef up” American firepower without consulting Congress.  He is challenging China in its own sphere of influence.  He is moving toward confrontation with North Korea.  He is actively trying to overthrow the government in Caracas while not consulting Congress, again.  He is imposing more sanctions on Russia, Syria, Venezuela and North Korea.  He is despised by all allied leaders from Macron to Merkel.  He is universally viewed as a kook in every capital.  There is open discussion about impeaching him or removing him from office for reasons of incapacity pursuant to Article XXV of the U.S. Constitution   And he’s been in office for only 7 months!
If we are on a collision course with an ugly destiny, it’s because of the plague of Zionism.  No other movement has killed more people.  It was there when Corporal Adolph Hitler was fighting in the trenches of WWI.  It was there to guide the hands of genocidal murderers on both sides of the Atlantic during WWII.  And now it has reared its hideous face, once again, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria.  There is no end to this contagion until the contagion meets its end.
Witness the almost surreal American diplomatic effort to bring peace between the Palestinians and their Khazar adversaries.  Who does Trump send?  Why, a fella named Kushner, a fella named Greenblatt, and a fella named Friedman.  All orthodox Jews to settle a case neutrally.  This defies all reason.  Why would you send 3, I repeat 3, orthodox Jews to Palestine to help Arabs resolve their conflict with orthodox Jews?  This is a world out of balance.  The Hopi word is, as I have written before, “Koyaanisqatsi”. Why it’s like sending George Lincoln Rockwell to mediate at Charlottesville!!
The Syrian Army and its allies are moving out of Homs Province with reinforcements pouring into the ranks of the Tiger Republican Guard Division.  They will be on the shores of the Euphrates soon and the siege of the provincial capital will end soon.  After that, God only knows what even greater misery will be foisted on the Syrian people by a demented president in Washington D.C.
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