BEIRUT, LEBANON (6:10 P.M.) – According to veteran American politician Hillary Clinton, almost everyone with influence in Washington hates her and that even those who are supporters still failed to do anything worthwhile. The combination of these factors apparently ensured that she failed during the final leg of the 2016 presidential bid.
In her latest book (the paperback for which is due to be released tomorrow) titled “What Happened,” Clinton shares the belief that nearly every possible political force within Washington – from misogynist Republicans to supposed Kremlin interlopers to backstabbing socialist progressives – conspired against her becoming the 45th President of the United States.
According to Clinton, whilst the socialist Bernie Sanders failed to point out any actual flaws in her polices and simply resorted to character slander, Russian president and supposed anti-American election meddler Vladimir Putin rigged the vote in favor of Donald Trump (who himself taunted her every step of the way with sexist mocking).
Moreover, Clinton believes that FBI Director James Comey should not have done his job by launching an investigation into her flagrant bypassing of official state-protected communication channels and protocols when discussing classified information with other concerned individuals.
Clinton’s book also goes on to attack allies, dismissing them as being useless to her.
To this end, Clinton expresses disappointment towards fellow liberal democrat Joe Biden, who apparently ruined her campaign from the inside by not engaging with the American middle class, and hardline female supporters that should have marched against Trump during the election and not after it.
Since her loss to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential elections, Clinton has adopted for herself the image of a “resistance” leader in Washington which opposes the political control forces of the all powerful American deep state (the same establishment whose foreign policy stance she openly and flawlessly represented with regards to Libya, Syria and Iran long prior to and during the election).
According to Clinton, this overriding deep state represents the apex of converging sexist, crypto-Nazi and pro-Kremlin interest groups whose agenda is unknowingly, but surely enough, furthered by incompetent leftist politicians that have either forgotten what they stand for as liberal democrats or simply pursue selfish fame-seeking goals as idealistic socialists.