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From Now On, ‘Israel’ Must Be Ready for The Unpredictable!

06-10-2017 | 14:43
‘Israel’ now is terrified more than ever. Although the ‘Israelis’ are always concerned about Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s speeches, his words this time revealed a way different significance…

Jews leaving Israel

On the day of Ashura, Sayyed Nasrallah’s advices echoed in the ears of all Jews settling in the ‘Israeli’-occupied Palestinian lands. Some days ago and until unknown days, perhaps weeks or months, to come, they will stay confused about what shall they do?
In his latest speech, Sayyed Nasrallah called upon all those who came to the occupied Palestine to leave and return to the countries they came from so as not to be the fuel of any war waged by their stupid government.

Sayyed Nasrallah

“You will not have enough time to leave Palestine should Netanyahu wage a new war in the region. You will have no secure place in occupied Palestine” Sayyed Nasrallah threatened.
However, Sayyed Nasrallah differentiated between Zionism and the Jewish religion in a sounding message: “To the “Israelis” and Jews in the world: Our battle is with the Zionist oppressors and occupiers and not with the Jewish religion.”
Addressing the “Israeli” settlers, the Resistance Leader underscored: “You know that much of what your political leadership statements about its ability in any future war are mere lies and illusions because you know the extent of the imbalance. Do not allow a foolish government to take you to an adventure.”
In an attempt to analyze Hezbollah’s new equation, al-Ahed website interviewed from the occupied Palestine Political Analyst and Professor of Political Sciences at the University of Nablus, Abdul Sattar Qassem.

Abdul Sattar Qassem

The Palestine-based analyst reiterated Sayyed Nasrallah’s words, noting that “when we insult the Jews, we are talking about a religion, and comprising pious people who support the Arab rights; hence we have to differentiate between Jews and Zionists: our enemy is represented by the Zionist movement and those joining it, while the Jews are not our enemies.”
He however expressed that “any person who occupied Arab Palestinian properties is a Zionist, and could not be supporter of the Arab rights. Today, for example, a communist Jew who lives in a Palestinian house in Haifa, should I believe him if he said he supports Arab Palestinian rights? No! It is because he is occupying the house of Palestinian who seeks refuge in [for example] the Burj al-Barajneh refugee camp.”
Relatively, commenting on whether Hezbollah is capable of containing the new equation Sayyed Nasrallah has launched, Qassem stressed that “there is no doubt that Hezbollah has a huge military power, and there is a huge difference between the Lebanese [Hezbollah] soldier and the ‘Israeli’ soldier. The Lebanese soldier is much more professional, disciplined and has significant tactical capabilities. However, the ‘Israeli’ soldier is not daring and has changed over time. The soldier who was in service when establishing the [Zionist] ‘state’ is not there anymore.”
A Hezbollah soldier is more mobilized, in which one of them makes the effect of ten ‘Israeli’ soldiers, Qassem noted. “He is able to confront them as we saw in the July 2006 war. Hezbollah has a military power that ‘Israel’ cannot crush because Hezbollah’s tactical capabilities brushed many lethal ‘Israeli’ weapons aside. Hezbollah’s capabilities eliminated the disequilibrium equation.”
Meanwhile, the professor of political sciences made clear that had Sayyed Nasrallah spoken those words, then “this means that he is confident about Syrian and Iranian promises to participate in direct intervention next to Hezbollah for a regular coverage of a non-traditional war. Sayyed Nasrallah knows better about this.”
Mr. Abdul Sattar Qassem repeated several times that the ‘Israeli’ army is no more as it was before, and so is the ‘Israeli’ soldier.
Commenting on the issue that Jews and ‘Israelis’ should leave the occupied territories, Qassem noted that “When we say that the ‘Israelis’ must leave, then the geographic area of the battlefield would be very wide.”
In the battlefield, “Sayyed Nasrallah may need to enter northwest of Jordan to hit the ‘Israeli’ army’s shoulder. But who are those who would back Hezbollah with the military capabilities and troops to cover such wide areas?” Qassem wondered.
According to his own analysis, theoretically, Hezbollah, the Syrian army, and the Iraqi Popular Mobilization forces [Hashd al-Sha’abi], would send some 10,000 or 15,000 troops to Syria, and Iran, will send tens of thousands of its troops; all of them will participate.
However, for the time being, are there tens of thousands of Iraqi and Iranian soldiers who would participate in the war, or have their own bases, or are stationed and fortified there or what?, the man asked.“‘Israel’ now is terrified. It is always starving for power, and always attacking others, because it is always feared. And no matter how powerful it becomes, it always fears its neighbors,” he said.
“But now, it fears more. It is because the ‘Israelis’ experienced in 2006 and in 2008, 2012 and 2014 Gaza wars and found out that their military powers have deteriorated. Although they have more warplanes now, however, their capabilities of using such weapons and enduring in the battlefields have all declined.”
The Palestinian analyst made clear that the ‘Israelis’ are worried about striking the Dimona nuclear facility, the Ammonia reservoirs, military and civil airports… they are terrified.
Qassem believes that it is possible that Sayyed Nasrallah’s words have excluded the war. But all in all, ‘Israel’ would never accept the presence of strong neighbors. It would never but start a war.
For this reason, he advised that “we shouldn’t wait for the first strike; why should I let them strike us before we do? Why do we always suppose that ‘Israel’ initiates? It is our land that is taken, we are the people under occupation… we are the people who start the battle. Those who start the battle often do win it because they would surprise the enemy. Why should we wait for the first strike? Let the second one be against us, but the first must not be left for ‘Israel’ to decide…”
Until now, there is not any hint about what is going to happen in the near future… but what is certain is that every word spoken by Sayyed Nasrallah is truer than any other fact. However, the ‘Israelis’ and Jews would better abide, pack their stuff and take a hike.
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