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What a surprise: Senate Intelligence Committee Finds No Evidence of Russian US Election Interference

Featured image: Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Richard Burr (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Let’s set the record straight before commenting further. No Russian US election interference occurred. No evidence suggests it. Without it, accusations are groundless.
Yet they persist. On October 7, 2016, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and Department of Homeland Security claimed Russia interfered in the US 2016 presidential election by hacking DNC servers and email account of Hillary’s campaign manager John Podesta, supplying the material to WikiLeaks.
From then until now, an entire year, not a shred of evidence was presented supporting the accusations. Why not? Obviously because none exists, nothing that would pass independent scrutiny.
Information passed to WikiLeaks came from one or more DNC inside sources. Nothing was hacked. Russia had nothing to do with what happened. Nothing proves otherwise.
In January, House and Senate Intelligence Committee members began their investigations, ongoing for over eight months, discovering nothing suggesting Russian US election interference.
During a Wednesday news conference, Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Richard Burr tried putting a brave face on a witch-hunt investigation.
Saying he has high confidence in the intelligence community’s assessment of Russian interference, he admitted his committee found nothing proving it.
The issue remains an “open question” as to whether there was collusion by Russia with the Trump campaign, he said, deplorably warning Moscow could meddle in next year’s congressional races.
“You can’t walk away from this and believe that Russia’s not currently active,” he roared. Despite no evidence proving it last year or now, he said “(t)here is consensus among members and staff that we trust the (intelligence community’s) conclusions…”
Investigations reflect longstanding Russia bashing. Trump was right calling them “a hoax,” shameful congressional action, along with endless other other examples of rogue governance.
Months of time, effort and money spent drew a blank. Without setting a deadline, Burr said
“(w)e hope we will very soon reach some definite conclusion.”
House Intelligence Committee members and special counsel Robert Mueller are conducting their own witch-hunt investigations.
They found nothing suggesting Russian interference in last year’s presidential election because there’s nothing to find no matter now long investigations continue.

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