Monday, 25 December 2017

NYT: This Is How Saad Hariri Was Treated in Saudi Arabia

Bahrain Sentences 6 Civilians to Death, Al-Wefaq Urges Int’l Community to Move
25-12-2017 | 14:28
As part of its continuous aggression against civilians, Bahrain issued via its High Military Court death sentences against 6 civilians.
“The defendants were accused with the formation of a ‘terrorist’ cell, attempting to assassinate the Bahrain Defence Force Commander-in-Chief,” said a statement posted on Bahrain News Agency.
The court also convicted and sentenced seven defendants to seven years’ incarceration and stripped their Bahraini nationality, and acquitted five others.
The trial is the first of its kind since constitutional amendments were passed allowing military courts to try civilians.
In response, Bahrain’s major opposition group, Al-Wefaq described the death sentences as null and void.
It further stressed that such sentences were based on false accusations and forced confessions following savage torture of prisoners.
“The political authority has proven it is not qualified to rule the country due to its punitive and reckless policies,” the statement said.
The simplest rights of people in the country are violated as the judiciary system is utilized to punish descents, according to the statement.
Al-Wefaq, meanwhile, urged the international community to “bear its historical responsibility and save the Bahraini majority which has been oppressed” by the political authority in the country.

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