Friday, 29 December 2017

Syrian forces eye Israeli borders with conclusion of Beit Jinn ops

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (1:46 P.M.) – As the rebel evacuation of the Beit Jinn pocket concludes, the Syrian Arab Army and its allied forces begin eyeing other jihadist strongholds in southern Syria.
According to a military source, the Haramoun Regiment, NDF, Quneitra Hawks, and other units will shift their focus towards liberating Quneitra’s countryside in the region south of the loyalist stronghold of Hader.
The prioritized targets seem to be the towns of Jabbata al-Khashab, Taranja, Mohammadiya, and their surroundings. The rebel supply line to Jabbata al-Khashab from Dara’a province is very thin and seems prone to being cut by fire control of SAA cannoneer units.
Securing this area will allow the Syrian Army considerable control of much of the Syrian border with Israel and will serve to cut the rebels’ long arm in the south Damascus countryside once and for all.
However, such an offensive will not come at no cost as the Israeli side has made clear their determination to provide their allies across the borders with whatever support they can afford whether that materializes as air support, medical support, or logistical support (ie: allowing Syrian rebels to use Israeli territory as supply and logistical route for passage of reinforcements).

First batch of rebels to evacuate Beit Jinn stronghold tomorrow

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (1:23 A.M.) – The first wave of jihadist rebels is scheduled to begin evacuation of the Beit Jinn pocket tomorrow.
The fighters whose loyalties lie with the Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham terrorist group will be sent to Idlib while those pledged to the FSA will be transported to the nearby Dara’a province. Meanwhile, a portion of the rebels have decided to reconcile with the government and have their status settled after growing weary of this war.

So far, the evacuation was delayed two times already. The first delay came as a result of the violation of the ceasefire by the insurgent side while the second is the result of incomplete preparation for the execution of the agreement.

The government forces allocated for the Beit Jinn front await the conclusion of the treaty as they set their eyes on other insurgent stronghold’s in Syria’s south.

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