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«Israel» Worried Hezbollah Might Use Ships in Future War

29-01-2018 | 13:57
The “Israeli” military is anxious about Hezbollah using ships once a war with the “Israeli” entity breaks out in the future.
"Israeli" navy
A retired “Israeli” naval officer, R.-Adm. Prof. Shaul Chorev, said the entity’s navy should anticipate Hezbollah using ships in the next war with the Resistance group.
“Hezbollah will not need to equip themselves with ships like ‘Israel’, but we must assume they will use asymmetric warfare to challenge ‘Israeli’ technology like land-to-sea…,” Chorev, a former deputy chief of naval operations, said following a special geo-strategy conference organized by University of Haifa’s Research Center for Maritime Policy & Strategy and the Chaikin Chair for Geostrategy.
According to Chorev, while it is not in Hezbollah’s interest to start a war with the “Israeli” entity, “when you look at their strategy, it is clear that they will target ‘Israeli’ strategic assets.”
“The next war with Hezbollah could see a focus on the sea,” he warned.
The “Israeli” entity is highly dependent on the sea with more than 90% of the entity’s imports arriving via boat. But according to Chorev, there is a major lack of awareness about the maritime domain.
Senior naval officers have said that Hezbollah is a “clear and major enemy” that continues to grow in terms of battlefield experience and their arsenal of advanced weaponry which has expanded its presence in the eastern Mediterranean.
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