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Nikki Haley’s Big Lies on Syria

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)
US ambassadors notoriously lie for their country. Haley does it repeatedly, again during a Wednesday Security Council session on Syria – a beginning-to-end recitation of Big Lies fooling no one.
Haley: Earlier this week, “Iranian-backed militias in southern Syria launched a drone into Israeli territory. It was an egregious and unprompted escalation…Israel rightly took action to defend itself. The United States will always stand by our ally when confronted with provocations from Iran, Hezbollah, or” Syria.
Fact: Israel downed a Syrian drone operating in its own airspace – indeed “an egregious and unprompted escalation,” Israel culpable, not Damascus, Washington sharing guilt. Both countries partner in each other’s wars of aggression.
Haley: “Last week, (Syrian) forces launched an unprovoked attack against the Syrian Democratic Forces and advisers from the Defeat ISIS Coalition. This was a large attack involving numerous tanks, artillery, and fighters. The Coalition acted in self-defense to repel the attack, and the United States will always reserve the right to act in self-defense.”
Fact: US-led warplanes terror-bombed Syrian forces in Deir Ezzor – an act of aggression after they repelled an attack by so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) – comprised of Kurdish YPG fighters and Arab terrorists, including ISIS.
Fact: Syrian forces acted in self-defense, not the so-called “coalition,” comprised of Washington with a little help from its rogue allies.
Haley: “(T)his attack shows the recklessness of” government forces.
Fact: The attack was an act of US aggression. Its presence in Syria is lawless, its terror-bombing responsible for massacring civilians, causing vast destruction – major war crimes under international law.
Haley: Assad is “a front for Iran, Hezbollah, and their allies to advance the irresponsible and dangerous agenda for the Middle East.”
Fact: Syria is a sovereign independent state threatening no others. In 2011, Obama launched aggression for regime change. Trump escalated what he began – both US regimes advancing a “dangerous agenda for the Middle East.”
Haley: “On every front of this conflict, we find fighters imported by Iran from Lebanon, Iraq, and Afghanistan. When we see the Assad regime starving civilians in eastern Ghouta or pummeling schools and hospitals in Idlib, we see advisers from Iran and Hezbollah helping direct those atrocities.”
Fact: Syrian and allied forces, including Iranian advisors, greatly aided by Russian airpower, are combating US-supported terrorists – atrocities committed by them and US terror-bombing, not the other way around.
Haley: “When Iran and Hezbollah move in, instability always follows.”
Fact: Wherever US forces show up, mass slaughter, destruction and human misery follow. Washington’s rage for dominance is humanity’s greatest threat.
Haley: “(W)e see (Syria) continue to bomb, starve, and…gas civilians.”
Fact: Washington’s imperial agenda, together with its terrorist foot soldiers, “continue to bomb, starve and…gas civilians.”
Haley: “The United States is committed to” conflict resolution.
Fact: “The United States (and its rogue allies reject) conflict resolution.” They abhor peace and stability. They continue endless aggression for regime change.
Fact: Support for US mass slaughter and destruction makes Haley a co-conspirator, sharing guilt with others in Washington.
Haley: “The road to peace will come when all of the parties stop provoking each other, and choose the responsible path.”
Fact: Peace remains unattainable as long as Washington and its rogue allies want endless war and regime change.
In all her remarks, Haley shows she’s an embarrassment to the office she holds – a despicable character, a UN front person for US wars of aggression.
A Final Comment
On Wednesday, US terror-bombing destroyed a Syrian tank, the second US act of aggression on Syrian forces in the last week.
Things are heading toward spinning out of control. Russia alone can stop it. When will the Kremlin say enough is enough?
When will it intervene forcefully to prevent greater war? Appeasing Washington encourages greater aggression.
Dealing with its imperial lawlessness in the only language it understands is the only way to resolve Syria’s conflict and keep it from spreading elsewhere regionally and beyond.
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