Thursday, 8 February 2018

Saudi Arabia Allows For ’Israel’-Bound Flights to Go Via Its Airspace

07-02-2018 | 13:20
Israel and Saudi Arabia: a match made in heaven
(or in Washington)
Saudi Arabia reportedly green-lighted new “Israeli” routes put forward by an Indian flight carrier that would go through its air-space, something they never allowed for before.
Air India

The new route will cut the flight time between India and the Zionist entity down to six hours, boosting an already popular route.
Speaking to an i24NEWS journalist, the press office of the Indian embassy said the reports are yet to be confirmed. However, a number of “Israeli” media are dealing with the news as certain.
The Zionist entity reportedly encouraged Air India to invest in the new route with a $750.000 grant, said the Ministry of Tourism.
According to the London based press reviewer “Mideast Mirror”, Saudi Arabia considered buying the ‘Iron Dome’ military system from the Zionist entity, and secretly approached “Israeli” officials to ask.

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